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Stan's Voltage and Current
« on: December 20, 2010, 00:17:27 am »
     My basic understanding of Stanley Meyer and Andrija Puharich water   splitting method is this, both used voltage potential with very little   current.  In both these systems there was a positive voltage applied to   the outer tube and a negative voltage applied to the inner tube.  These   differences in voltage would pull the water molecule apart.  As for the   current used in these systems, you would have a positive current and   negative current and these currents would theoretically be equal and   opposite to each other and therefore they would have a net current of   Zero, but due to current leakage there exists a small amount of current   in the cell, 1mA - 25mA.  In Stan's later multi-layered water injector   coil he used the bifilar wound inductor along with the multi-layer   configuration to minimize the current leakage in the cell.
  -Tony Woodside-