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Moral protocol
« on: September 17, 2010, 23:45:25 pm »
im not gonna lie, stans knowledge that he has left behind has help me find God.. ever since i read stans two logos and hearing about the book he was writing (with the lord there is a purpose) i could feel his enter linking of the 2 areas (water fuel, and the lord) its not necessarily the water stan speaks of its the energetic means of production (the energy/force provided) that he relates to the lord/ creation

anyways here is a very power ideal way of looking at morals in a protocol (system of operations that produces righteousness)
wisdom  is pretty much following a protocal based on magnetism (the way nature  flows energetically aka spirit) example a simple addition showing how  energy can intensify negatively, balance out to neutral, or intensify  positively

emotions= energy motions "like nature"
-1 + -1= -2 so 2 wrongs (negatives) dont make a right and
intensifies the ego negatively

-1+1 = 0 which is neutral so not right or wrong and may actually swing a situation into a positive inclination. dep......ending on if the negative commenting individual has the cohonas to be a better person and change their mood

note  there will be some so ignorant that you can kill them with kindness and  they will continue to throw stronger and stronger negative energy..  these type of people you walk away (save your energy) and accept they  are lost (unreasonable/ non logical) dont fall into your negative ego  and give a shit what everyone else thinks spectating such an event.

1+1=2  so it will intensify positively..and will continue doing so if the  people keep perpetuating a pro view.. its called having a good time lol

the values will not be that basic though
one could get hit with what feels like -5 if one were to scale how they are effected by the remark

now how this all applies to knowledge and wisdom becoming hand and hand.. it shows how gains are made energetically..
(knowledge  is power) so one feels the higher meaning of what to seek and what not  to seek.. they find intution which leads to learning more about nature  then they become more conscious to there surroundings.

feel free to share