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The Missing Link
« on: July 21, 2010, 10:45:14 am »
Well I've been reading and studying the likenesses between Henry Puharich and the Meyer brothers and from all my research I can clearly say that the Meyer brother were doing the same thing as Puharich.  I was able to confirm this not only by the similarities in their texts, but by the waveforms they both produced with their circuits.  Yes their circuity may have been different but their principles were the same.  Below is a simulation of one of Puharich's circuit and as you will see this is the same as the waveform in Stephen Meyer's patent!!!


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Re: The Missing Link
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2010, 02:49:32 am »
After the VIC fiasco and dead bodies and seeing the attitude of Dynodon I deduced  that the only thing worth putting effort into with the name "meyers" on it was the Stephen Meyers design . His interview is also quite disturting to me .

I also notice that the relay isnt switching as fast as I tought before , this is simply the switching of polarity as described by Puharich maybe every 2 seconds of so ( much better )..., Stephen seems to have a double whammy in his cell , the *and/or* like Puharich says , switching AND ringing . Ringing  "just as a tuning fork" ??? ( magnetostrictive effect ??? ) , alot of the elements of ss are magnetostrictive .

How can current carrying conductor @ a specific frequency act on *the shaking* , I dont think the is the intense static field @ 25 volts or so ... or perhaps it is the water wich is itself could physically oscillate wich shakes the electrodes ( phonons ) ... Stephen does REFER to the Puharich patent remember .

I modified my amp recently , have been getting mixed feelings over lateral fets , the old one is already obsolete , I use cheaper more common and using less components and more symetric . + I can pull 20 amps per channel easy .

Also , this is my theory If we had an hexagon with magnets at each node , the most efficient way to rotate or counter rotate while keeping the middle point steady that specific geometry would be a dual 3 phase system in phase opposite nodes , exactly like the tesla rotating egg , switch one phase egg will stop and reverse . Single phase can never be as efficient to for rotating machinery , I studied this principle mathematically infact with my big school book here .  I have a hunch there is something quantum-mechanical going on with this particular 6 tuber , we have the rotating field from the 3 phases , the oscillating B field on the conductor . I wish I knew more about material science right here ....

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