Author Topic: Voltage Intensifier Circuit  (Read 62036 times)

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Re: Voltage Intensifier Circuit
« Reply #136 on: March 06, 2011, 05:14:19 am »
Yes that is where i saw that she ran really nicely also.... I try to post a video....

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Re: Re: Testing of Warps chokes
« Reply #137 on: March 08, 2011, 01:22:55 am »
Having the "Isolated ground" connected to a different ground outlet is having the same effects with the light when i attach it to the computer power supply ground, so the interesting thing is that the secondary/choke should be grounded.

Also, i can have the secondary grounded to the power supply ground, and the second choke grounded to the other wall outlet, that works too.

I opened up the cap on the cell and stuck a wire into the water, then attached the light to the end of that wire, and it lights up when i touch it, able to measure high voltage across the light and to the water from ground...

so the water is... charged? it's distilled so it's an insulator, and the voltage travels through the water... wave guide? electric field traveling through the water bath... maybe why Delrin is used to contain it to the water gap

i turned on my computer speakers, and they make the same sound as the frequency from the circuit when close by, picking up the interference from the em-waves

What is going on with your chokes warp!?... and your step up transformer... they are doing interesting things...!

Some day i'm going to take this outside and shove a metal rod into the ground and test that as a real earth ground, see what that does for me.

Still have yet to change back to tap water, then i can do all these tests again.

Isolated Ground according to Stan Meyer patents means something completely different than what the electrical industry refers to.
He simply meant that the negative side of the circuit in question was isolated from any ground whatsoever.

Isolated ground means a negative section of the circuit not connected to any other negative of any other circuit, like the power supply, etc.

as for the VIC...everything on the secondary side of the step up pulsing transformer should be floating...not connected to any real ground or earth ground....on the buggy there is NO connection to earth ground because of the rubber tires...

hope this helps

ALSO DONALDWFC   your documents collection on this forum has a corrupt file (8 page newsletter, downloaded about 52 times...) not really able to download it, could you please upload a new copy?

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Re: Re: Testing of Warps chokes
« Reply #138 on: May 27, 2013, 02:23:15 am »
I imagine the voltage is changing with the freq.

More videos on my channel, splitting distilled water

Here's one of the new ones:
Please let other member see/learn from your work!