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Michel's Status Report
« on: April 06, 2010, 13:02:35 pm »
this one is kinda old but still interesting. If you have not seen this yet take a look.
This guy knows what he does and can present in a professional way, there are some interesting points to remember from the documents

- Leakage without insulation of water is so great that there's not much potential difference between the plates/tubes at all
- Step Charging works as Meyer described, but for Michel ONLY when tubes are insulated.
- Connection of the bifilar is important, but if done right will decrease current to a minimum, like Meyer described

He did succeed at creating a high voltage field with all effects that Meyer described - but no gas without current for him either. The conclusion is that it doesn't work that way, supported by the fact that some tests lead to the conclusion it was ordinary electrolysis (source: wikipedia), of course contrary to the statements of other people who seemed to succeed.

One of them was Warp, i sent him a message regarding his high voltage neon tube video.

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Re: Michel's Status Report
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2010, 13:12:27 pm »
This document is about the efficiency of pulsed current electrolysis, facts to remember:
pulsed current electrolysis cannot be more efficient than direct current.

Okay it seems i deleted this document. But anyway nothing new, voltage is the way to go or no Overunity can be achieved.

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Re: Michel's Status Report
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2010, 18:14:29 pm »
Typical result ...

I learned the hard way about poower amp technology commutation and the need of continuous conduction on an linear device like a transistor , class AB or B doesnt give a pure sine current waveform . Thus I have redesigned a transformer class  A push pull using cutting edge mosfet technology , with 6 transformers now totally immitating the ac of an magnetic circuit and what I call a true neutral point .

I have my theory on how the little particles work , take a small shape , any shape , enlarge it alot and you still end up with the same shape , you can create clusters @ the nodes , and you can oscillate the superstructure @ the nodes . This is how I believe orgone can be harvested by water , with the proper structure .

That is my take on the Stephen Meyers configuration , each node is scalar to keep the stucture intact and in circular oscillation .

If what we want is a structural failure in the water , we need this to be in a structure , resonance and power has to get stored somewhere and accumulated . If everything is all messed up and loose you only dissipate that power in that unorganized mess .

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Re: Michel's Status Report
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2010, 21:05:01 pm »
My theory still stands. The info came from Dan Danforth who spoke to Stan Meyer. Dan replicated Stans setup succesfully till some level.

His theory is the you create a conductor from water by use of some current.
When the watermolecules are alligned, you hit it with HV spikes to establish the resonance effects.
Stan himself said that it didnt matter if you had some amps leaking.....
Makes you think, is it.
The skin effect of Tesla in water......hmmmmm