Author Topic: How to Ionize HH0 Gas Into Liquid.  (Read 5530 times)

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How to Ionize HH0 Gas Into Liquid.
« on: March 05, 2010, 01:58:50 am »
I'm dropping in to make this post, "No I don't have time to work on this stuff," But,,, What I know I want to share with ;

1. Someone Producing hydroxy, that may be currently playing with their flames.

Lets start with a few facts. As you all know I have my ("Masters") in refrigeration, Which is another reason I don't have the time for wfc's right now.

Some Facts.
1. When a Gas ("Drops") In Temperature there is a gas to liquid conversion -"Condensation."
2. When a liquid ("Drops") In Pressure there is a Liquid to gas conversion. 
Main Fact.
3. When a Gas is "Compressed" - "Compressor"- It becomes ((("Saturated"))) - The Saturation Point. In this Point there exist hot vapour, As the Vapor Cools "Condensor", A drop of 1 Degree there is "Condensation." - Liiquid.

Condensation Exist closer to the outlet of the Condenser rather than its inlet.

A Fuel Cell under 13.75 Pounds Of "Pressure" Metered/compressor Threw a Pinhole valve, "Ballvalve" at the Cells Output attatched to the container compresses the "Saturated" Gas threw the Valve. The Gas Becomes even More heated where it travels threw a line away from the wfc and there exist a drop in temperature and Pressure. There exist an Ionizer to the Nozzel outlet which further ionizes the gas.

As the Hydroxy Exits the exit "Port" There exist yet another Drop in pressure and temperature, There exist Liquid Hydrogen, A Flame Thrower. I was able to experience this, Perhaps if you happen to be working on something you can one day too. Just remember.

1. Temperature - cell must be hot, I don't Recall the degree
2. Pressure - Must be atleast 13 psi, or more.
3. Metering Device at outlet of wfc container
4. Condensate line after metering device, where drop in pressure from 13 psi exist, 4' will do, 1/8" ID.
5. Metering Output line for exit port into the lower pressure earth, Must be metal for ionization.
6. One wire Ionizer at conducting outlet.

Hydroxy is a very conductive gas, Be careful.  There may appear to be confusing understandings to the one reading this post, Thats what the ionizer does.