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Electrons and HHO
« on: January 24, 2010, 23:47:20 pm »
Check this out:

One person ever tried this as far as i have seen.
Here his results:

Pls check this link.
Frankly speaking, I was septic at the beginning when I saw those video.
Playing with jar, I did it a long time ago.
But I tried and I was surprised rgding the amount of gas product, the power from it and the way this electro magnets is working.
I drop the jar, the cups, I prefer to use plexi and 316L plates.
KOH instead of baking soda.

In fact the vacuum idea is important in this.
I made a test.
exactly the same cell use with and without vacuum.
Without vacuum the burning temp. of the gas was 2400'C
With, 8500'C.
It was the maximum of the thermometer.
Why? I don't know.Theoreticly, the vacuum help photons to "get free".More mobile.

Gas quantity was the same, electrolyte, the same(KOH),
I didn't change anything except plugging the hose to a pump to make a vacuum.

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Re: Electrons and HHO
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2012, 05:08:39 am »
I am definitely trying this next.  Trying hard to get the PCM under control, but can't find a MAF freq controller,  running an LC-1 to control 2 O2 sensors, using a DFA on the MAP, codes on the o2 heater circuit, what a pain.  Seem to need more HHO but was leary of running +20A this summer, just a 2002 buick V6.  If I can get more power on the HHO without hooking up an extra cell great.  More work on controlling the PCM.  Notice how they said to turn it off  if idling a lot.  Starting to dream about a PWM that responds RPM

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Re: Electrons and HHO
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2013, 20:55:57 pm »
finally got to it.  running the Innovate LC-1 to control the O2 sensor, so that left me with a P0135 code for no heater on the O2 sensor.  Realized I needed to hook up my coil to this source of power to keep my PCM happy.  Kept the PCM off balance for months.  Did not get any good mileage off the HHO.  So running the coil I limited it to 18ohms so it would keep the PCM happy, looking for closer to 10 ohms.  the seacypress folks suggested a 25ohm coil.  Well it kinda depends on what gauge wire you use.  Killed 2 birds with one stone so its hard to tell how much the coil helped. but am getting about 15% improvement in mileage now.  Still a little low on HHO I think, barely over 1 lpm last I measured.  I think my unit is more for a 4-cyl.  but I run a 3.1 v6.  also just controlling MAP with an aussie Digital Fuel Adjuster.  So a little unsat there on number of sensors  under control still.  I have a freq controlled MAF, nothing on the market to handle it still.  That I think is more important than the MAP.  targetting ECT and IAT next.  Maybe a water injection system.    gonna suplement HHO production with an additional wetcell add-on I will build.really want 25%+ mpg improvement.   I gotta watch the amp draw so would love to run Tony's VIC if you guys can get it to produce!!! 

Here is an observation.  Got the best ever GPH flow this AM with this setup.  lowest ever before only sporadic, OAT dependent at .34 gph.  Saw .30 today.  On idle where the vacuum is highest?  coincidence?  disagree totally about not running the system on idle,  PCM being told to cut gas flow with my DFA and LC-1 operating as if on top of pike's peak at summer in the desert temps by my sensor mods.
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