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Re: Open letter to P. Lindemann
« Reply #16 on: January 14, 2010, 20:20:13 pm »
I was soo surprised when i just looked at that forum.
So many replied to my question.

Well, her emy response:

Hi researchers.

Never had the idea seeing people like Peter Lindemann and John Bedini responding on a topic i started.
Thats because i am impressed by the work they have shown to us all.
That question i asked was one who is very relevant and you see all reactions here.

Sure everyone must decide what to do with the knowledge they have.
Make money or not. Share knowledge or not.
And of course the old wishdom of learning people to walk, in stead of pushing their feet.

I made a decision. I trully share everything on my forum. And if i find the holy grale, well, you all will.
Reason? Money? The whole energy market is so big. You never ever can get a grip on it alone. Look on how frustrated Stan Meyer became.....
Now look at the world. Nuclear powerplants exploding in Russia and killing many people and animals. I seen the results of that thru the nothern of europe.

Do you have family? Do you have kids? Do you have loved ones?
Long story short to you all:
You all dont have enough time and money in your life to do the learning stages from scatch. We need a good level to start from.
If one of you have schematics, plans or whatever, just give them to the public! You only loose by doing nothing....
John Bedini and Peter Lindemann are getting older as Peter said.....
We all die. I am 42 and have burried most members of my family......
Grumpy old man you all are. Die and take you techno with you. Is that what your goal is? Or do you live forever......

Change the world!

Peace to you all in your harts and minds.

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Re: Open letter to P. Lindemann
« Reply #17 on: January 15, 2010, 10:19:11 am »
Originally Posted by Aaron 
Wow, John has put more proprietary company info into the public domain
that anyone I know - his patents are goldmines, which HAVE SCHEMATICS.

I have always failed to understand why people want to cripple themselves
by allowing themselves to be locked to specific schematics. John and Peter
both have given out a lot of schematics over the years and if anyone
understands them, in concept, then anyone can design their own schematics, which is what empowers someone.

When I built my first roller skate wheel motor, I didn't even know what a
transistor was but it was common sense enough to see the b,c,e
on the diagram on the package and any 3 year old that has a coloring
book and did a connect-the-dots could apply the same skills to knowing
what wire went to what dot. For a while, I saw the energizer through
the eyes of the schematic and realized that the mechanics of the
circuit aren't as important as knowing what the circuit is doing - for
years I have seen the SG as a gas pump/valve - I don't even see it as
an electric circuit.

Obviously many people, even skeptics, have no problem getting the wheel
to spin and of course tuning is another matter all together, which is easier
when "knowing what the energy is" but the skeptics are looking at a non-
conventional circuit through the eyes of conventional electron theory
models. Well, if I saw someone try to translate a Chinese document and
they have a language degree in French, I would honestly think they should
probably be committed because it is insane. I mean literally in the full
psychological sense, it is totally and completely psychotic.

A couple years after I first met John, he told me, "You have to know what
the energy is." Looking at it from this perspective, it makes all the
difference in the world because you can just use common sense to make
your own circuits that apply certain concepts to get the results you want.
I may not know what the energy is, but I think I have a pretty good idea
and it has enabled me to innovate my own circuits that continually do
what the skeptics say can't be done.

These days, I consider common sense to be "out of the box" for most
people, which is a crying shame.

Steve, you say you're impressed with the work Peter and John have you
done with what they did share? You turn around and say they're
grumpy old men and you want them to post schematics and you sign off
with Peace and Love?

I came up with the idea for this forum for the purpose of positive and
constructive sharing. This is our home and anyone that comes into it,
pulls their pants down and pees on the floor is simply not welcome or

It isn't skepticism I have a problem with, there are threads here discussing
a "case against overunity" and whatever. That's fine, I'm all for anyone
expressing their own beliefs but don't insult or disrespect the members
of this forum. John and Peter can obviously stand their own ground but
this is my home and this is unacceptable to me.

Like all the rest of the skeptics who don't understand or appreciate what
is spread out all over the internet for years, you make demands, insult
the ones sharing the info and ask for more. Would you do the same thing
to someone in person? You'd probably be knocked for a loop in one second

This is seriously disturbing and
is absolutely indicative of some serious cognitive dissonance. There are
two contradictory thought processes going on at the same time and
only one is yours, you really should figure out what the other one is,
I already know the answer. This isn't some cute way of putting things,
this other process going on is literally what is responsible for this world
being in so much trouble and very soon, I'll make it very easy for people
to solve it for themselves. Tyson is right, it isn't about money.

After meeting John and learning some legitimate concepts, it strengthened
my relationship with God beyond anything I ever imagined because it is
a holistic science that doesn't insanely compartmentalize and isolate
concepts so the left hand doesn't know the right. It integrates and
unifies so many things on so many levels that it has brought more light
into the area of unconscious incompetence beyond all other fields.

Having a spiritual perspective of life and "saving the world" isn't about
sitting in a circle, holding hands singing kumbaya waiting for the world
to be saved. It is about eternal vigilance and taking responsibility and
making no excuses. It is about busting one's own butt to make our own
lives how we want it so that we can only blame ourselves in the end
for anything that we think we haven't been given.

Many people are brainwashed into believing "Good things come to those
who wait." Even though Lincoln is greatly responsible for the downfall of
American freedom, that isn't even what he said and despite his treason
against the American people, his original ENTIRE quote is a pretty good

"Good things come to those who wait, but only things left behind by those who hustle." — Abraham Lincoln

That is 180 degrees opposite of what the first half of the quote means
by itself. I know one thing, I'm not going to be one of those that are
left with the crumbs.

Steve, you're welcome to post and can be as skeptical as you want but
please leave your demands and insults out of it. This is to every skeptic
that is reading this.


Its dissapointment speaking.
You may clean my post, if you want. At least i say where i stand. Just hope that that is appriciated in a free world of thinking.
Didnt know how to say it in other words either. No bad words where choosen.

Yes, i was/am impressed by the knowledge of many people like John and Peter for example. Thats a compliment.
But the more i learned about these subjects, the more i came to my senses and realised that some of them didnt tell the whole story.
And thats what i cannot understand at all. Call me ignorant.
Yes, i seen the schematics of JB and i seen the much of Peters work.
But i know for sure that great minds like they have, must be able to think much bigger. And they absolutely do. But why not sharing those thoughts?

Peter is probably right with the fact that building a good OU system is not done with kitchen equipment. Then why not telling us about what systems he is thinking about , when he talks about that?
Why is he making that decision for us?
Maybe we are in a position where we can get money and build a nice clean powerplant. The less polution the better.
The world is changing. Green is not a bad word anymore. Investors see that.
We need them. They need us.
Now we need the good idea's.
If someone really knows, then there is always a solution to find. If you want money, then just say so. Make a deal. If money isnt the issue, then share.
Its that simple.

For me, life is too short. I hope to be able to make a change for the good.
You all can....if you really want.


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Re: Open letter to P. Lindemann
« Reply #18 on: January 15, 2010, 13:26:15 pm »
Again Aaron takes a hard left to nowhere and totally missing the point then turns it around and makes you out to be the bad guy.

If a person makes a claim be prepared to back it up otherwise be scrutinised.

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Re: Open letter to P. Lindemann
« Reply #19 on: January 15, 2010, 14:32:30 pm »
Well dont start begging or whining at him , that just makes him wanna not share .

They are gonna sell these things soon , life rent and copyright laws just like a car or any other product . Maybe if you smart enough you can build , invent or replicate one for less , thats it , they will leave you alone but dont break the laws .

You cant buy vcr today that can be replicated LOL . Its all private components etc ... What you expect from energy LOL ...

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Re: Open letter to P. Lindemann
« Reply #20 on: January 15, 2010, 14:53:22 pm »
Again Aaron takes a hard left to nowhere and totally missing the point then turns it around and makes you out to be the bad guy.

If a person makes a claim be prepared to back it up otherwise be scrutinised.

Aaron is totally blind on them....
They are his "masters" 
Now he indead, forgets to think clearly..

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Re: Open letter to P. Lindemann
« Reply #21 on: January 15, 2010, 15:13:18 pm »
Has anyone ever seen evidence of a Bedini motor actually operating as OU?

Any youtube videos that come to mind?

Or the attraction motor?

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Re: Open letter to P. Lindemann
« Reply #22 on: February 14, 2010, 21:20:52 pm »
Anyone read the Quantum keys book from Lindemann and Aaron? I heard from a friend a terrible story: They urge you to hook up your mind to theirs every week so they can tap you off of your information in case you have some.....

Well, mind control is what they are after and their employer should be obvious to anyone in here... ;)

Fact is they never presented anything functional in 30+ years, just wasting your time. Aaron once said he "saw" his first Gray engine in -94...... Where and how did that happen??....

Forget them and keep working open source, my advice.

Steve, have you considered for one minute that "no more questions" simply means he is too busy
with his own life and work to answer questions that he has answered over and over for years
online? Sometimes, the easiest and most common sense explanation for something like that is
the right one.

Another thing for this group, I have no "masters" - first and foremost Peter and John are my
personal friends and usually when we get together, we don't even talk about energy. They're
friends of mine - and I will defend them especially on my own forum. They are both honest
people that will not say they know something, have something or can do something unless
they do. They have integrity behind this and that is an indisputable fact and I have witnessed
this over and over countless times throughout the years that I've known them. Some people
are mistakenly under the illusion that they are somehow entitled to other people's intellectual
property - and then demands are made of them even when they do share stuff. Totally and
completely disrespectful.

It is a fact that most experimenters have no what the differences are between efficiency,
cop or overunity. They're three totally different things and Gauss, you wouldn't know over 1.0
cop if it hit you in the face. You were booted for being a troublemaker and for continuously lying,
but I guess that misinformation is embraced here seeing that it is in alignment with the misinformed
slam attempt against myself and my friends. This is about as productive as beauty salon gossip!

And here you go again spreading your disinformation garbage. I saw my first Gray motor in 1994?
You are fabricating this idea that I claimed this from your own delusional mind as I have never
said any such thing - you are outright making up bs out of thin air as usual.

Nothing functional in 30+ years? The rotary attraction motor is over 1.0 cop but Gauss, you don't
have enough common sense to even know how to calculate it if you wanted. This is the problem
with you and other that are the ones that are blinded - I'm not the one that is blinded by "masters",
it is a matter of common sense. Do you know how many times in the rotary attraction thread
Peter and I hinted to the importance and significance of shorted coils? It took FOREVER for anyone
to get it. Look at Bob Teal's patents, what do you see? Shorted coils aren't required, but just goes
to show that most people don't even pay attention to what is said! I see this all the time and
people go off rambling about "tell us something." It is the same old unoriginal storyline that everyone
repeats over and over because they don't get it - just follow up on things that are referred to and
progress just might be made.

"They urge you to hook up your mind to theirs every week so they can tap you off of your information
in case you have some..... " If you're not on drugs, you need professional psychological help Gauss.
Does anyone buy this pure unadulterated garbage here? Hook your mind to ours and we tap
information from you! That is so pathetic I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh or cry?! What are you
Guass, a 6 year old kid in reality hooked on sci-fi comic books for a hobby and you can no longer
distinguish between fantasy and reality?

Come on
everyone, Guass is saying we're doing the Vulcan Mind Meld with people to pull information from
their minds - "in case you have some..."
And Gauss has a friend that had a bad story or experience
from it? LOLOLOLOL - HAHAHAHA - am I the only one to notice  what this kind of claim from Gauss
implies about him and his character? Maybe everyone in this thread is under his spell of deceit.

In case you all haven't noticed, Gauss is a source of disinformation and in one single
post there are two pieces of disinformation! ROFLMAO At least if you're going to spread this
disinformation you might as well make it something extraordinary like this so it isn't so boring! lol

This thread is a gossip board - it is people throwing snowballs from behind a wall based on 100%

And it is stated here that Tutanka - it is 95% chance it is a fraud? If nobody can take the hints
about which direction to keep the oxygen and hydrogen from combining during and after combustion,
then that's too bad. And Tutanka is not the only one with working models. Knowing the entire
reaction is not even required as long as you do the right steps. Everyone can go on their quest
to produce massive amounts of hho and might eventually come to the realization that hho isn't
releasing any true thermal energy as Meyer explained. Why is that? Tutanka may have the most
elegant solution but it isn't the only one. I'm interested in understanding his own process through
his own eyes and if he doesn't reveal it all, that's fine. What he has shared 100% corroborates
with other successes that have also understood the importance of nitrogen. Meyer deliberately
deceived almost everyone though his patents obviously for the purpose of protecting his
intellectual property. In any case, you have more truth about the water fuel in the few nitrogen
hydroxide threads at Energetic Forum than anywhere else on the net combined. It would be
easier for people to understand if did realize that the nitrogen hydroxide fuel created is actually
ammonia and nitrogen hydroxide is not the proper term for it. That is what Stan Meyer created,
the ammonia fuel as others have before him. But everyone is free to go on the "lets beat
Faraday" trip if they want....make as much HHO as you want, you still won't ever have the fuel
to release thermal energy from the hydrogen.

And cracks against Peter's book that saves people money on their home energy bills? What kind
of infantile objection is that? I'm the co-author by the way and that book has saved homeowners
more money on energy bills than every "free energy" forum in the world combined. Think about it!
All the real free energy technologies are small scale prototype versions that are not scaled up
enough and very people are applying any of it in in any practical application in their homes.
Having a real book that does save money on homes should be respected since it isn't abusing people.
It is real info that people can apply with readily available solutions NOW that actually produce results
and that is commendable I think.

All the magnawork scam free energy books and the rest of them are 100% frauds posting vids of
other people's work making it look like people can replicate it from their books. Free energy
researchers ought to have enough common sense that sealing and insulating a home first to
keep heat you make and keep heat out in the summer when you don't want it is the first step to
making good use of the exotic solutions. It is common sense. If you cut your home energy usage
by 50%, then suddenly, how big of a battery bank do you need now?

Feel free to boot me Steve for defending myself here if you want.

If this badmouthing of myself and my friends are what goes on here, I don't think I can benefit or
contribute from this forum.

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Re: Open letter to P. Lindemann
« Reply #23 on: February 14, 2010, 21:44:11 pm »
Yes I agree Qiman , this site is boring , I like energetic more now .

So Tutanko did something special ? Plz confirm that the video showed something awesome.

I work months to release a new product very nice for HHO research and this is how ppl act . Nobody even says good job . I release the best manual pwm in history on this site and nobody even builds it because my drawing didnt have all the component names and pins lol .

I pains me to say that energeticforum has the best threads and best researchers now . I feel alone on this site , can I plz come back to . Im sorry If I insulted the site , I deeply regret . I promise I will be 100% following the site's agreement rules , 100% sware .,1087.30.html

These peeps here never build anything serious , besides a few people this site is monkey see monkey do , they dare not avdenture themselves away from something they can copy word for word 

I will soon launch my product , see my project section for more details . Should be getting it any day now

Is a super oscillator/hvdc supply/dual solid state 3 phase pure sine alternator/ AM mixer .

I was even selling the pcb for people to build themselves for 200$ but pppl here sayd its too expensive . This is not a scam deal , even yet I risk being scammed and robbed because everything is exposed ,  just so I can start a new round of research of my HHO passion , HH0 has been stalling so it needs a boost .
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