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Re: Beetle engine picture
« Reply #16 on: October 30, 2012, 19:22:36 pm »
The video is not working

Here is a link to a working video that should be the same.


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Re: Beetle engine picture
« Reply #17 on: October 30, 2012, 19:53:14 pm »
Yes, he did... it must be a cup of petrol since they are waiting for the petrol to be used up.... and then "IT RUNS ON WATER!!!!!!!"

Wonder why the wfc didn't explode?.. he never used a bubbler, and this was before the "quenching circuit"?...Maybe he used one of these :

 There was a pressure in cell over 13 psi even when the buggy motor was using the gas it needed... an other interesting thing is that the rpm of that motor is so high that he could perfectly drive only on the demo cell...........

That tells me it was a very efficient process he had discovered!

There is a thing i find extra funny... that is his friend you see in this video, is the same guy who is sitting back on top of the buggy in the news video, controlling the gas from the wfc to the carb, with a simple ballvalve!!!!!!!!!!! They could easy had made it pedal controlled mechanically or electrical controlled valve so his friend could had sit beside him when he was driving if they wanted!!!...

Stan often started to buggy with regular gasoline and then let the fuel cell take over so he could demonstrate that the engine would run the same on both fuels.
He is using the small card to choke the carburetor when starting in this video.
He may have had some gasoline in the carb but may have been starting the engine on HHO from the cell.
It is impossible to tell and he doesn't state anything about starting on the cell.

There was a flash arrestor in the line connected to the cell at the hose outlet.
Stan would NEVER risk an explosion of his cell.
The connection can be seen in the photo of the cell from the estate pictures.

The "friend/assistant' in most all the videos is Charlie Holbrook.
He is about the only person who helped Stan do any demonstrations.
Charlie wasn't an engineer or versed in the technical aspects of building circuits or systems.
It was Charlie's son who wound up with all of Meyer's equipment and who allowed DynoDon to take the Estate pictures and examine the equipment.

The other thing going on here is that the EPG may have been being used to power the motor running the full cell also.
That big box in front of the engine has the EPG inside.
Again, we can't tell everything that is happening here since Stan doesn't really show what is connected to what, such as if the drive motor for the alternator on the ground is running of an A/C wall socket or the EPG.
What the video clearly shows is that Meyer could run the 80 HP buggy engine at high speed idle with the demonstration cell running at a constant 13.5 lbs of pressure. This means he could obviously run an alternator that could power the cell to produce enough gas to run an engine at least 1500 cc's.
The question still is how he modified the alternator as he says he did to "restrict amp flow while increasing voltage potential" because he states elsewhere that merely increasing the speed of the alternator increase voltage to the cell.


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Re: Beetle engine picture
« Reply #18 on: October 31, 2012, 20:28:33 pm »
was hoping someone knew wat all these things are.

pic 1 = waterfuelcell
pic 2/3 = regulator / mixer
pic 4 = watertank level sensor
pic 5 = static waterfilter

those are my 2 cents.