Author Topic: Start here your topics on the water injector & ambient airgasprocessor system  (Read 51227 times)

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Other italian team that use Co2, water and solar energy and convert into fuel ..
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Thank you for welcome me.
The picture is named "nuova cella" at page 11 ..and my You Tube channel is "kenterprise1". Can't offer a link, I can't access YT from China, where I'm now.
I was looking "around" among the ozone generator producers and I found at least one who build a system - water cooled ozone generator - that could be easy converted into a HHO generator as Tutanka proposed. It have a inner enamel coated SS electrode, a outer SS electrode and inside a SS sintered third electrode can be fixed and grounded.
I add the PDF file with a system commercial description I get it from factory.

In any case a  ground in the " water body" is a must to create real gas..I did it on my ( silly) experiments by simply short-cutting the circuit.
On his tubes Meyer have some slices could be used to increase the exposed surface of ionized water to a - missing- third electrode as ground connection? Is an idea only, I never study Meyer's systems - too complicated...
As I said I bust the fuses since I had 220 V AV/ 50 Hz variac as power source but - visually -gas production exceed anything I had before. A step-up transformer at higher frequency PWM ( or AC) may solve the problem.

I 'walk" more on Dingel way, due similarity: low technical expertise and equipment!  :P and maybe I should post there from now.
I just saw that picture and replied to clarify some things.

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This remain a secret for me...

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Re: Start here your topics on the water injector & ambient airgasprocessor system
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From 1 november 2011 I'm able to sent you all materials (including plan) for build that cell at popular price, in that way you save more time for find these on internet. Complete plan for Electron Cascade Cell is also available for personal usage at 50 euro with payment trough paypal. If you are interested sent me email to Regards Alessandro

P.S. Also Iontruster can buy these.. no problems

Hi Tutanka
Can now you sent all materials and plan for build that cell?