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Re: Heat exchanger HHO
« Reply #32 on: February 07, 2010, 17:53:09 pm »
maybe the gas processor makes the gas to absorb thermal energy from its own previous explosion. And probably you are right that the light and hv could cause this aperture to absorb the energy. And release a bigger than normal explosion.

this may be a good possibilty with stans injector model reactor....  since it ejection port is linked to a thermal energy chamber (the cylinder) there is plenty of thermal radiant energy being released, i dont see why not if the high voltage acts as a primer for taking on radiant energy to the proton mass of the atom  which is allowing the electron to reach further orbits... stan says highvoltage  makes light travel inwardly why  couldnt it be abpsorbing the heat dissipating all throughout the block and tap into it..