Author Topic: Use of diesel or used motoroil in a petrol engine with a GEET processor  (Read 5181 times)

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Back to the Geet petrol powergenerator.

I had to find a solution to the issue why only petrol (with or without water) was the only fuel on which my power generator was running with the Geet processor.

There are 2 things to think about.
The fuelbubler works by use of the vacuum of the engine.
That results in a drop of temperature inside the bubler and that is holding back the
creation of fuel vapours, which are needed to run the engine.
So we have to find a solution to keep the bubler warm enough.
Pantone is using the exhaust gasses in his worst geet setup, accoording to his own
words, in his free Geet plans. After running my tests, i can say to you all that it is *  to use exhaust gasses, because the engine is going to run worse then ever. So, fresh air is needed and no exaust gasses. Then the next question is how to get warm fresh air in the bubler......
I found Aluka on youtube with a good solution. He uses a 3th pipe around the 2 pipe Geet system. The 3th pipe is around the exhaust pipe with fresh air going in. It will be heated by the exhaust heat and then the warm air is going to the bubler.
Problem solved! In Aluka's case, he is now running on 0.3ltr/h instead of 1.2ltr/h.

My targets with the geet system was no only to run on petrol, or HHO, but also the run on used motoroil or something like that, like diesel, or kerosine...

So, i tried diesel and i tried used motor oil. With and without water.
Both with a no result and that is really a big NO. Not 1 rev. Not 1 bang, boom or whatsoever.
If you have read that it is possible to do so, then a Big NO is a Big dissapointment... :'(
So, what to do? Well, many of you have read my study about water and his propertys.
In this case, i went studing about diesel and oil.
The solution came out of old heatingsystems for houses. They use oil for burners. They use diesel for burners.
Its pretty simple when you know the trick, as useal..
They pre-heat the diesel or oil and then they can fire it up.
So, back to my lab.
I took a 80watt solder iron and i mounted a coppertube in parallel, both pointing upwards.
The solder iron now heating up the copper tube (4 inches tall).
I filled it with diesel and then hooked up the power.
On room temperature, i could NOT fire up the diesel or oil with a sigaretlighter. It didnt burn at all.
Well, then was not so strange that the Geet didnt work!!!!!
Now at 90 degrees Celcius, i could burn the diesel and at 175 degrees celcius, it was really doing great!  With used motoroil, the temperature needed, was much higher. At 255 degrees celcius, that also was burning!!! ;) ;) ;) ;)

So what now to do with this knowledge? Well, i have to go build me an insulated metal bubler with a tube system build in, in which the exhaustgasses can run tru. That way you heat up the fuel pretty well.
That should be enough to run a petrol engine on diesel with a geet. Maybe even with use of water, to get cleaner gasses.
I also want to add 1 extra tube inside the bubler, for building in the solder iron.
That way you have 2 energy sources for heating up the fuel and you can run on used motoroil and or diesel or sunflower oil, or whatever oil you find.

Hope you can appriciate this info.


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Re: Use of diesel or used motoroil in a petrol engine with a GEET processor
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2009, 18:52:47 pm »
Sounds good Steve

You may want to toss one of these into the bubbler to negate any  issues with the low volitility parts of the fuel/oil/etc.