Author Topic: Side Note on the Electron Extraction Circuit  (Read 12199 times)

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Re: Side Note on the Electron Extraction Circuit
« Reply #16 on: September 23, 2009, 19:12:21 pm »
We cannot become an inventor by the reverse engineering method... notting new will be created... walking in others steps is no success... Inventing is a gift, so new ideas come all the time when you think you can create something new. Stanly Meyer was smart, but he was a person, a human and so are you guys... I think we have to invent this again, but he gave us many clues to work with..

Hope you will be back with testing when time is ready, with new ideas to try out...Keep on "wasting thread space" when you feel like it, for your knowhow imputs is pulsing this forum up to a higher level, kind of like the voltage step-up in the VIC...  ;D

I think it will be hard to confirm water power perpetual for a would be a big test of morality. If he invented this alone and had spent many years on it, it would be hard to just give it away for free, but if he did, it would make him like a new Jesus and get the Nobel prize.. ;D time will show.. not a dilemma at the moment.

Thumbs up to MrBluesky for the EEC investigation!