Author Topic: Voltage: 0-50KV, duty cycle: 0% to 100%, frecuency: 1-100Hz  (Read 5702 times)

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Voltage: 0-50KV, duty cycle: 0% to 100%, frecuency: 1-100Hz
« on: September 18, 2009, 16:47:22 pm »
Hopefully someone might find this power supply, with circuit diagrams etc, handy.

Its built for lightness so some modification is probably possible.
This should be handy for those dope insulated electrode experiments.
It would also be interesting to see 50KV through a spark plug!  :)

Let me be the 1st to say I am useless when it comes to electronics., but even I know this is one kick-ass supply!
I have also never built an electrolyser; so please let me know if you-all would prefere me to just read; rather than post stuff?

Input voltage 11v to 14v
Low input voltage cut off 10v
High input voltage shut down 15v
Reverse polarity protection 10A fuse + diode
Max continous power 75W
Efficiency at max output voltage 90%
Thermal Shutdown Yes
Output voltage 0 to 50kV @ 13.5v dc
Max output voltage 55kV @ 0mA
Output voltage type +dc
Streamer protection threshold 2mA
Overboost current threshold 1mA
Voltage monitor output Yes
Overload shutdown limit 150Watts
Current sensing hv shunt
Pulse frequency 1Hz to 100Hz
Pulse duty cycle 0 to100%
Monitor voltage 10mV per kV
This one can vary the output voltage from absolute zero to a maximum voltage of 50kV @ 0mA. Pot 2 varies the duty cycle from 0% to 100% (increasing in clockwise direction). The figures 4,5,6 show three different waveforms as pulse width is increased through 10%, 50% and 90%. When fully anticlockwise (0% duty cycle) or fully clockwise (100% duty cycle), no pulses appear at the output. Pot 3 sets the amplitude of the output voltage from absolute zero to full maximum voltage. At 100% duty cycle, the waveform becomes direct current and Pot 3 can be used to linearly vary the dc level of the non pulsed high voltage output. The pulse frequency can be varied from 1Hz to 100Hz, and amplitude from 0% to 100%, thus enabling any pulse voltage at specific frequency and duty cycle to be set at the required amplitude. Turning Pot 3 clockwise while in pulse mode, will increase the peak voltage of the waveform accordingly.