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ElectroJolt PWM
« on: May 27, 2009, 00:49:39 am »
Thank you ElectroJolt!
I receive a board from ElectroJolt and assembled the PWM circuit per his schematic drawing.
Would like to say its better to have parts list and breakdown and preferable to buy from a source like DigiKey.
My assembly costs were to high at the local electronics store.

Regardless of my costs, plugged in the PWM only problem I had was I inserted 3 wrong resistors because I didn't pay attention closely enough to the color codes.
I thought they were 2.2k OH WELL not bad for a mistake.
Once I changed these puppys out I had such a great time with this PWM.

Everything worked and it made gas right away with no adjustments just by chance I guess the pots were in a good position.

First thing I noticed was clarity of scope signals verses my other home brew PWM Lawton type.
Impressive too say the least!

What I think was a bonus, is I used 100k precision pots on the first 2 channels. Wow adjustments so precision to the wave form is NICE!
It tuned so good what can I say I am totally impressed with this circuit.

Also note, now the current has limits because of the duty cycles present where my other PWM I had to always adjust the duty.
Great frequency harmonics now produced with my inductors and the clean signals.
Tuning very accurate, maybe because of the pots I used and the nice circuit of EJ's.

Channels work seperate and I'm not fully versed on it yet but I was able to make adjustments from the other channels.
By moving the channel switchs in the proper positions the other channels had controlability on the channel I was already outputing.
Just to show me all the control it has. In reality I didn't need this extra control because the PWM already is very good in a single channel mode anyway.

I installed the BEMF circuit in the PWM not tested yet but think this will be a bonus when needed.

What I would have liked are some indicator LED's  but I didn't spend the time to install these and a seperate on\off switch for power would be good.
I decided to use a seperate analogue DC ammeter not in a box yet.

Needless to say I'm impressed and a very happy user of ElectroJolts PWM circuitry wizardry.

I wouldn't push this on others if I didn't think it was good.
If you need a highly respectable PWM circuit this is all over it. THE KIND!

My rating is very high.

This PWM triple channels have much more possibility of multi signals.
Just what the doctor ordered.

More options!


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Re: ElectroJolt PWM
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2009, 03:17:53 am »
Sounds good :D

I can't wait to get mine :D