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stanley meyer video quotes
« on: May 24, 2009, 05:20:58 am »
i thought it would be interesting to make a spot to post quotes off of the videos word for word.. label them with there video and the time at which you are quoting from the video..

i would like to put this one..

colarodo 1993 video   54:00

" No one ever dreamed of using opposite electrical voltage, Being pulsed in a sequential mode in order to perform the work to split the water molecule in a simple physical process. Now isnt that amazing?"

this quote alone tells me that its not just pulsing steady equal voltage.. sequential mode makes me think he's hitting voltage on the pos. and neg. in a sequence..  it makes me think the alternator drawing i drew a while back would pe a good canidate

somthin like  3 pulse's to compete the sequential mode.. lets say its at 1000v   pulse 1-->  +1kv / -0v   pulse 2--> +1kv / -1kv   and pulse 3  +0v / -1kv

one reason i see it like this is wouldnt that sequence show more of a physical impacked on the water..  he says its a physical process.. static fields cause phyical motion to atoms..  if you were to want to propogate a wave across a fluid image the flow of those 3 pulses and how it will encourage a unipolar pulse.. the first positve pulse is being introduce then both and ends with negative for the third to start over again with positve.. 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3  is  pos, 0v,neg, pos, 0v, neg, pos, 0v, neg... think about it..