Author Topic: whining alternator is doing the trick  (Read 4745 times)

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whining alternator is doing the trick
« on: May 05, 2009, 18:57:42 pm »

Bob Boyce and Able Morley  both wrote about getting great hydrogen production because of failing alternators.
Stan Meyer used an alternator.

Bob And Able claim that the AM signal from the alternator is doing great.
Here is the story of Able, who was once a member here on this forum.

The question is: What was the effect that they claimed?

To understand this right, you must know what an alternator is.

They are AC 3 phase dynamo's. Also used for AM transmitters in the past.

In some cars, you can hear the tone , whining thru yr car radio.
Thats because of the rimple on top of the dc.
If you have a very very loud whining, most of the times, is one of yr diodes defect.
Or, you have a groundloop in yr car.

Now we come to the nice part.
If you have a bad diode, do yu know what kind of waveform you will get from the alternator?
I do. Its a gated pulsed DC waveform!

The Alternator is a current machine. So you have a gated pulsed current on the cell.

Why would an alternator give you a better result then a trafo setup?

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Re: whining alternator is doing the trick
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2009, 20:50:36 pm »
So why not just work with this broken alternator , seems more simple no ?

How did he end up linking this toroid to this ?

Why is his toroid 10000 times harder to tune?