Author Topic: Stanley A Meyer L3 Storage Locker and Discussion bySteven Greer and Ted C Loder  (Read 304 times)

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An audio presentation by Stephen Greer and Ted Loder about the June 2009 Visit to the Storage Locker

Just in case you had not heard it.....


TOP assembled  a team of about 6 to visit the L3 storage locker and Dune Buggy in June 2009
Among the people at the storage area included Ted Loder, Bill Constantino, three other individuals who had worked with Stan and a documentarian

Time Mark 04;35         . In the reports and documents regarding the EPG  a COP values was about 3!

Important to shield instrumentation from low frequency (under 100 Hz) that might skew readings ( although shielding from wi-fi frequencies might be important now)t

Discussion on National Security Order , and the safe
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