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power shower
« on: July 17, 2015, 13:51:11 pm »
help guys

i just invented something... i would like to know if anyone is interested into giving a help on the legal side and on investment or buying it. i already developed the technology part and i'm finishing the design. Maybe we could launch this product in many countries...

The idea i used follow the kiss method, but of course is economically viable.

here in brazil we are at a dry time, our energy costs 3x more now.... in the willing to not depend on that i thought along the years on many ways to kind of economizate like,,

A kind of solar panel to raise the temperature of the water reservoir... this would reduce the consume of energy...

The problem is you need an electronic shower to compensate the temperature... the problem is an electronic shower at least all that i saw, don't control the temperature... it control the power going into the shower... so in a day where you get colder water you need to adjust the power... if you change the flux of water you change temperature over again...

is a stupid system that makes the people need to regulate the temperature for themselves every time...

I created a system that tracks the temperature and auto regulate the temperature according to fluctuations in flow or temperature.. allowing to use whatever water at whatever temperature and pressure.

so reducing the water flow now you enter in a mode of economy while opening all you would get max comfort.

this would allow for economies around maybe up to 30% on electric consumption and maybe 35% on water...

not enough

So i though a way to increasing the comfort reducing yet more the consumption 

So i created this shower system where you can reduce the electric consumption for shower by up to 80% and water consumption by 80% depending on the time you take into the wash and rinse...

this numbers are not the best case scenario!

by reducing the water consumption using it and filtering it at some cycles not wasting the heat...

also the shower is pressurized so you get very high comfort without being unpolitical.

its the diference that do not exist between vapor train and nuclear plants.

if you are interested... i'm willing to sell the idea with all the technology for a good price..   

the principle comes from the feedback so is a simple and cheap circuit

my inspiration was on my circuit used for generating a gate frequency in my freq gen.... i instead used a thermistor to self regulate the pulse width.. so it compensate for temperature balances.. tracking the temperature you chose!

its a negative feedback system...

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