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 ( the complete set of photos is available from Dynodon) 
Demonstration Cell

SMDC001  This is a nice photo of the demonstration unit as Stan pours water into it.
               Location is in his Grove City laboratory. It is similar to the It runs on water video
               Viewed at ionizationx and HHOINFO
SMDC003  This is an image that was released by Dynodon that  shows the top of the
               demonstration unit with the cell housing removed. It details the slots cut
               at the top of the outer tubes Viewed at Ionization X     (Pict0068.jpg)
SMDC004  This is a similar image  as SMDC002 but from a slightly different angle. It
               shows a heretofore unknown bracket/bolt on the upper tube holder (Viewed at
               HHOINFO Posted by Dave.
SMDC002  The release of the image by Dynonon (Pict0066) was a real break though as
               it detailed the bottom of the demonstration cell when repairs were being
               done on it to fix a leaking gasket. Photogrammetric analysis allowed the
               determination of a lot of the hardware and gauges of the brackets
               Viewed at Ionization X, Globalkast
SMDC005  This is a view of the demonstration unit on the floor of the h's storage unit at    the June 13 2009 visit. It shows nice detail on the upper plumbing.
               An IBM 266 Mhz computer is to the right.     Viewed at HHOINFO Posted by Dave
SMDC006  This is a image of the demonstration unit taken in one of the basements of one
               of the owners  Viewed at Orion ( from orion album)

SMDC007  A wide angle photo of the EPGs, VSU and the demo cell. Viewed at Tony's site as well as others
SMDC008  Top down view of Stanley Meyer Demonstration Unit The release of this image       confirms the presence of stabilizing brackets (held together with the philips head bolts )

SMDC009  A view of the bottom end cap of the demonstration unit

SMDC010 Detail of top of demonstation unit plumbing
Most of the images are available from Dynodon, some on the net or ionizationx
"For educational and study purposes"
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Hy Jim! what program do you use for Photogrammetric ? btw photo links broken.Cheers!
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There are many methods that can be used.

1. Print and measure
   Print image and use a measuring wheel to determine dimensions.

2. Measuring programs
   Iconico's screen protractor and  caliper programs or the measuring tools in adobe photoshop  are examples

3 xyz translation using Autocad or Solidedge

When the dimensions of a several parts are known, relational matrices are used to come up with self consistent sets for dimensions
Thus the dimensions of black pipe may be limited to to 2 or 3 posisble sizes as is the plug. The precision  from photos was often
between 1 and 3% As known dimensions are found they are recursively put back in to the matrices for better prescision. Soon there is
only one solution which fits the obeserved photo

The quality of the original images may limit precision. The use of part sieves at Mcmaster Grangier may be of use to identifiy
commonly available parts and gauges to improve accuracy

So in attachment 2 the various measurments/ratios of the metal brackets can be compared to what is available as standard gauges

The use of pantone and size or dimensions is also useful for identifiying eletronic parts.
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Thanks very much Jim,i was trying to get the dimentions of Stan's 11 tube cell and i saw you do such detective work,B.r.!