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Stan Meyer-Visitors before 1998 and Friends Revision 11
« on: March 12, 2011, 14:41:52 pm »
Friends and visitors list at the Broadway Lab

Charles C Holbrook       Early assistant   Mid 1980s
Stanley M Graumlich      Friend and helper-Former faculty member Wittenberg University
Stephen F Meyer           Twin brother
Ed                                 Lab assistant at least 3 years  1990s 
Robert L Ward               Allied Chemical Company, observer           
JW                       Investor,promoter ,four visits to lab, produced 45 minute video, Lived Santa Barbara, California
                                      1985 Visit
                                      1986 (Spring) Visit  with John McGilvery ( Video Exists of this visit)
                                      1988 Vist to lab and Deer Creek Demonstration

Art                                1996 visit 

October 1990 Visit

"The Griffin Committee"

Keith Hindley, Uk Research consulant, Michael Laughton, Dean of Engineering Queen Mary College and Sir Anthony Griffin, former controller of British Navy
This is the visit described in Electronics World article

Ulf Dahlstrom Rick Schnieder visit lab

August 1992  Visit     Another British Visit
Summer 1992 Visit   Dutch Professor (The is the visit documented in the 1992 interview video originally discovered by Steve of IonizationX))

Perkins Technology Ltd. Visit    October 6-8, 1992

Sir Admiral Anthony Griffin    4 visits? Water as Fuel Doc. " I have now personally witnessed it 4 times"

Tony W.E. Downes      Managing Director
Michael Graham          Chemist and Project Leader
Gorden Purkins           Engineering Development Manager
This is the visit detailled in the IITER

Dublin Institute of Technology Visit  July 28-31, 1993

Rea O'Neill            Industial Liaison Officer
Michael Carberry   Chief Engineer of Avonmore 
Noel Whitney        Quantum Leap Star
This is the visit detailled in the IITER

1993 Visit to Grove City lab by George Mallove and Jeff Driscoll
This is the visit detailed in the Independent Energy obituary article

November 1993 Visit by Film crew of Horizon BBC program
October 1995
Visit by INCA Film crew from London to film the "It Runs on Water Video" aired in December of 1995 BBC Channel 4 Directed by Lawrence Simanowitz

Russel E Fowler WFC Director of Personnel also present

After Dec 1995

Visit by British Ministry of Defence, Defence Research Agency (DRA)

Visit  March 20, 1998
Belgian Vistors: Phillippe Vandemoortele and Marc Vancraeyenest.
Result of Google search for names

Friend Visit likely to remove critical documents and parts from safe before the "sharks" came
rip s.m. :(
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