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Electric field do perform work Concept by sebosfato...
« on: November 06, 2010, 12:54:10 pm »
Here is the info about my new theory on how any over unity device must work to be able to create free energy. I think is the only valid mechanism. Is quite simple...

Electrostatic induction and Over unityWhy an Wimshurst generator that is believed to work based on "electrostatic induction" is not over unit?

I would say that is because it is based on motion. It uses the motion to change the capacitance of the electrode pairs thus raising the voltage by increasing plate separation... Thus work is needed to separate the plates because the charges will keep attracting between the plates.

I thought there might be a way to use electrostatic induction in a motionless device. To create energy.

Instead of separating the capacitor plates like Wimshurst generator to develop voltage, i thought that you could use the electrostatic induction to induce a movement of charge in a coil of wire. When this induced force moves the electrons inside the wire, a magnetic field will be developed in the coil so the force have become stored energy.

If you induce charge movements by an electric field, (field will not be consumed because there is no transfer of charges) in a wire, the overall charge of the wire will be 0 however across is poles you will have a voltage! Because there will be an imbalance of charge. So one side is positive, the other is negative. The energy that can be created will depend on size and forces, and will be limited by the field. It will be able to cause this electrons to move for a while but than they will stop because when enough electrons are close to the force the force will be cancelled out, thus only certain number of electrons can move. However, this happens at the speed of light, (well actually not because the inductance will oppose the movement of the charges so it will have a limited frequency dictated by the proprieties obviously) and so if you provide for a way to discharge this battery (free induced dipole) x times, for every time you discharge it, you will get a certain amount of free energy. So if you make it to discharge millions of times per second, even if every individual discharge of energy will be small, it can become millions of times bigger.

You can induce charges from both side of the coil since in one the induction is caused by positive field and on the other side a negative field... This would double the effect in my opinion...

Well this is the principle, seems quite logical to me. And for me it seems pretty much with what Tesla did and basic fundamental behind how he wanted to send energy to the all world.

Tesla taked about the relation of electrostatic and magnetic field.

In the sky there is a very high electric field caused by the sun so its there 24hours a day for free he just created a way to use it as a mean of setting up a free oscillation. Is not about electromagnetic transmission, like every single one thought of, is not an antenna. In my opinion is somehow pure electrostatic transmission.

Why magnetic induction, won't induce a free dipole?

In my opinion, is because the magnetic field can induce charge movement (electricity) only when it is moving, or changing flux... thus it moves charges only applying energy (work)...

I have this theory and i would like to prove it, however i'm out of money, so if you want to help me anyway with knowledge or a donation will be great. I'm studying in the mornings to try getting into the physics university for the next year, and i work exclusively on this projects every afternoons and nights, thats why my budget is kind of limited. Copper bars and vacuum capacitors, wire, and other things will be needed witch are not so cheap so for the last time, any help would be good. I still have a link for donation on my youtube videos. If you have knowledge to share is good too because with more knowledge less money need to be spend on some useless tests. just google sebosfato

I can only tell you that if i succeed in proving this theory, the results are going to be shared here.

If you do really care about free energy. Move. Change. Act.

just look at it, simple electrostatics. Charging by Induction. The rod will keep charged forever doing the force over the free electrons on the wire, since than you have charge separation for free, forever as long as you don't touch the rod on the metal.

Free energy forever. As long as you keep closing the switch. Witch can be done millions of times per second if you want...

I have visualized a method for making this same effect in massive density. Using resonance to maximize the effect...

What i just showed is one manner or the only manner to create energy.

I mean creation not generation.

Creation by Force.


Tesla knew that the way we were using and transmitting power was wrong, he knew that was only about inputing only the energy to close the switch... Basically you have infinite power you just need to input the energy for the gate of the switching device and little other to create the electric field... mosfet, tube...

The electric field will not get consumed in an electronic circuit, if you don't allow the discharge of the charge. Rod

Yes thats what i'm saying.

The electric field make "It" become dipole, battery, that recharges it self in a nano fraction of second. thus the more cycles you switch more energy you have...

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Re: Electric field do perform work Concept by sebosfato...
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2010, 12:56:08 pm »
My point is that this indicator witch is well known in physics classes clearly show how to get free electricity forever.. The force of the electric field of the rod witch never discharge because it will not touch the metal, will move the electrons on the coil for free...
It don't need to be an indicator, can perfectly be a coil..

I'm only telling you the first picture i got, for you to understand that what i'm saying is perfectly in accordance with reality... I'm ahead advanced on the theory on how to make this massive production of energy... but if i complicate things now you will think that i'm crazy. hehe

Physicists never thought a way of switch and maximizing this force over the electrons... Stupid in my vision, cause there are millions of those physicists to tell you that things can't be done...

Think of tesla bifilar pancake coil. The distribution of the electric field was not linear.

Go to you tube and watch for your selfs, charging by induction, a very old video with a blue look.

I always suggest that after you understand your miss eduction in making bad comments over this fantastically simple technology developed by me alone for your own benefit, go and edit your posts and instead of cheap criticism, make a nice post asking everyone to pay attention what i'm saying. No one else would tell you this, like i just did.

Hope you fell grateful, if not with me that have just tried to show you the biggest discovery of the entire existence, maybe with life or god if you like, because man this thing is incredible.

Simple and stupid.

The Creation

Genesis of energy/

[/size]The sun is there only as mean to describe an atmospheric scale device, witch would use the charge of the sky as the charging field... just an idea.. What makes it work is the electric force of the electrostatic field on the electrons on the metal.

I just don't see a way to make it cleaner... The metal will have a overall 0 charge however it will be a dipole if you short the side with excess electrons with the one missing you will get a current to flow. simple as that. The magic comes from the force that will never fall because there will never be conduction only induction. It don't touch the metal.

This is the prof mathematically and practically proved in front of every physicist when they see an electroscope they just don't understand what is under their noses. They are creating a eternal dipole. A eternal battery. A piece of copper.. So simple..

I'm happy to share this info... however is not a practical way of using... For practical use i'm designing this cleaver way to maximize this free power..

And i need help. You can see i'm not talking bull**** just google charging by induction, electroscope.

Voltage is = separation of charges

[/size]You need a switch because otherwise the dipole will keep killed all the time, so would never be able to recharge.

Tutanka the sun is only for theoretical atmospheric scale device... I represented because is the source of the sky's electric fields. just an idea..
The sun is what creates the charge separation in the atmosphere case.

The main idea i want you to understand is that you just need to use a charged rod and a switch to create energy. Create not generate

Just a practical demonstration device.

A practical use device would involve more and more things... like coils, caps, electronic switches...

Important is to understand that when charges are neutral they can be separated to a certain degree when you apply an electric field. Electric field interacts directly with charged particles without getting consumed as it is only a force. Magnetic fields instead holds charges in its fields. Thats why when you move a magnet over a wire you create a current.

I'm just using the electric field, so energy can be created and it can be done using no work. Creating energy from nothing but forces. No work. Just the way i like  And do it motion less.

A transistor can switch a power many times bigger than the needed power to open or close the switch.

Hope you think is worth thinking.


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Re: Electric field do perform work Concept by sebosfato...
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2010, 13:01:11 pm »
Tu conosci sicuramente induzione elettrostatica vero... Allora, mi riferisco che un campo elettrico, interagisce con elettroni liberi nei metalli senza necessità di conduzione. Per ciò il creatore di campo, non si consuma mai. Come Meyer diceva. Il voltaggio non si consuma mai in un circuito elettronico. Quindi io uso la forza della differenza di cariche per muovere gli elettroni dentro i metalli per generare energia gratis. Tesla è e maxwel sono stati i primi a capire questo, poi meyer, dingel, kapnandaze, donald l smith...

é per che l'unico modo di interagire con elettroni senza bisogno di energia quindi per la forza, e senza bisogno di parti mobili è con campo elettrico. Il campo magnetico serve come modo di trasformazione, oppure come modo di fare questa forza rendere più energia ma questo va oltre... Fondamentalmente, il campo magnetico non fa con che gli elettroni si muovano per se stessi, il campo magnetico prende gli elettroni nel campo e per questo che per fare muovere gli elettroni, hai bisogno di movimento, energia non basta la forza..

Quello che ho detto è che un elettroscopio non indica solo presenza di cariche elettriche, ma é la più chiara dimostrazione di energia gratis. Perché studiando questo percepisce che la carica induttrice, non si consuma mai, per cio puoi caricare l'elettroscopio quante volte vuoi. é solo trovare un modo di scaricare l'elettroscopio il massimo di volte per secondo. Non è fantastico?

Chiaro per creare l'effetto massimizzato mi userò di altre teorie anche, ma basilarmente si tratta di forza elettrostatica che crea un dipolo permanente basta scaricarlo a piacere. Ricordati voltaggio = cariche separate e anche uguale al lavoro per fare le cariche tornare assieme.

YouTube - Charging By Induction

[/size]Ciao Fabio,
L'induzione elettrostatica è una diretta conseguenza degli elettroni, quindi "no elettroni= no induzione elettrostatica". L' altro "piccolo" problema è dopo che hai creato l' induzione devi trovare un sistema per trasformarla in elettricità a basso voltaggio. Al di là dei tanti documenti sulla free energy la realtà è che nessuno ancora ha realizzato un prototipo funzionante, cmq questa teoria che tu prospetti io la approvo assolutamente.

Tutanka just said: " I approve your theory absolutely "


Vedo che hai capito... Io userò poi La risonanza per creare grande forza e allo stesso tempo potere fare l'operazione milioni de volte al secondo, poi il risultato sarà un trasformatore oscillatore che genera energia gratis alla tensione desiderata. Questa sara la parte del magnetismo nella cosa modo di trasformare ed amplificare l'effetto energetico della forza...

Alex, hai per caso un video del generatore di brown gas in azione? vorrei vedere come ti esce per capire meglio..

In the end i will have a transformer that works at Megahertz, witch will give the desired output voltage, this will be rectified for easy of transformation using a simple inverter than.

L'indotto (dove gli elettroni si muoveranno tramite forza elettrostatica applicata) sarà un primario di un trasformatore poche indurrà il voltaggio desiderato nel secondario uscita.. Faro con il massimo di frequenza possibile, perché così si genera più energia con meno materiale... Più volte il primario oscilla più energia si genererà..

Non userò una singola fonte di carica elettrostatica, ma due e oscillanti anche, così è più facile di fare il tutto uscire già trasformato al voltaggio desiderato.

Donald L, Smith devices resembles pretty much what i mean.

I tried to contact the nobel prize team..

In a short period of time I will be able to show you huge kWh power overunity devices bigger than the electroscope one hehehe. If i get some funding will just be quicker, thats why i contacted the nobel... lets see if they really care about what is needed.

I would just need to bit of support.

I also have just invited a physicist friend to help the calculations to decide the size of the bobbins and caps, gaps, diodes... hope he will help otherwise i will need to pay one to do this to me. People is always busy to do the things. Every one need to work...

I would recommend you to watch Donald L. smith, and Stanley meyer... videos

Both say that is all about understanding the movement and deflection of the electrons and how it can be done using a static field. Electronics people should understand this. Well all my close friends understood the principle and they are not even scientists and don't even knew what voltage is before i tell them...

Mi riferisco a meyer perche lui ha sempre detto riguardo al uso di questo principio, di usare il voltaggio senza consumare il campo elettrico... Credo che lui abbia usato anche l'acqua, ma che ci sia un modo più semplice che crea solo elettricità senza l'acqua... Usando solo componenti come bobine, spark gaps, diodi, e generatore di frequenza.

Credo che lui ha trovato questo metodo e solo poi ha usato l'acqua come scusa dicendo che era il modo di generare water fuell ... Lui ha anche creato un acceleratore EPG che funzionava con il principio di accelerare gli elettroni.. ma credo che poi ha anche trovato mezzo di mettere l'acqua di mezzo al circuito quindi i tubi... In successione lui avrebbe scoperto tante altre cose.. .

Pero lui ha sempre nascosto il tutto...

Donald L smith

Nel suo primo video (1/5) primi minuti dice molto chiaramente al suo modo anche che è la forza che accelera gli elettroni. E che piu cicli per secondo piu energia. anche meyer, quando dici che piu alta la frequenza piu gas generi.

Io intendo inizialmente solo creare una grande forza e misurare la corrente generata empiricamente... poi dimensionerò le cose per capire le migliori configurazione..

I concetti di auto capacitanza e auto induttanza sono importanti. Perche la velocità della luce dipende della constante elettrica e magnetica dei materiali quindi ci sono alcuni problemi da risolvere, prima di avere la cosa pronta, pero credo sia completamente fattibile.

Probabilmente dovrò usare condensatori a vacuum e bobine senza isolamento soto vacuum anche... ma solo i test diranno... comincerò oggi alcuni test per determinare alcune cose...

Sono andato anche al negozio sta mattina che vendeva il plexiglas ma non esiste piu, tanti anni lontano... mo devo trovare un altro negozio dove trovarlo...

L'acqua rimane ancora un esperimento che continuo allo stesso tempo.

Mi dedicherò a tutti i due...

Sono andato oggi al università e ho parlato con un professore di elettromagnetismo, gli ho spiegato, e lui ha capito il tutto, gli ho parlato di tesla e lui mi ha confermato la esistenza di inconsistenza nelle equazione di maxwell come ha sempre affermato tesla. Lui mi ha indicato un altro professore specializzato in Tesla.. ma non è di sao paulo... Ho chiesto a lui ad aiutarmi a fare il modello delle distribuzione delle cariche per potere fare un prototipo più prossimo del ideale, evitando di perdere tempo.

Scott McKie -- PODMOD Over-unity power generator

Another friend who like me also think that asymmetry is the key.

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Re: Electric field do perform work Concept by sebosfato...
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2010, 13:02:27 pm »
I was speaking in italian with tutanka, because he is italian and as i lived there for a while (4 years) i can understand better what he say and he can understand better what i say.

I was willing to share this new fantastic old Tesla technology but i felt that people are thinking that i'm a scammer only because i'm asking money help to be able to complete my prototype...

I have spent my last 2000 euros with tests... in the last months and now i got any. Well i will get over it.

If you are willing to understand we can discuss in english.

Tutanka is trying to show me some related reseach with free electrons but i'm not understanding very well, i need to study a little bit more.

However... what did you understood of my idea?

What do you think about?

Today i went to the physics university and talked to a professor specialized in electromagnetism and i explained this idea to him, he understood and agree that this way the energy out will not be related to the energy in, however told me that is a very very very complicated model to calculate, hope he will help me. I invited him to talk further with more calm. I talked about to him about tesla thoughts about maxwell equations and he confirmed that there are inconsistencies. He was very happy about my interest in this field.

He indicated to me this physicist YouTube - Jô entrevista o fÃ*sico Andre Koch Torres Assis - Parte 2 - Exibido em 07/09/1998
he told me that he is specialized in tesla technologies and that he could be happy to help me.

I'm thinking on a way to determine the energy yield empirically, however i would like to at least make a calculation model as to not shoot in the dark and avoid money waste.

However i thought about using a diode in the "middle" of the electroscope model so it can charge and remain charged to be able to discharge it later... This is not a practical solution yet, is only for understanding, ok

Tell us your impressions.

I have more advanced theoretic models but is way far more complicated, when we can determine this we go to the more complicated.

[/size]I believe that i found the key to free energy, for real.

Tesla did used the same theory.
Stanley meyer.
Donald L smith.
scott mckie
Daniel Dingel
Clemente Figueras

I think that i understood also tesla cosmic rays. Neutrinos they are second tesla and now my belief, kinetic in nature.

They are everywhere all the time, but only interact with matter in particular conditions. Its invisible to us and we are invisible to them, until electromagnetic waves oscillations comes into play. Thats why tesla said energy come from space time.

Electromagnetic energy fly thru space as waves having electric and magnetic fields in phase. The is a vector for the electric field, other perpendicular to first called magnetic field in phase, other perpendicular to both called space, and other witch is in my thoughts since ever is time, witch is quantized, not in seconds but in measures of wave length of the energy density.

If you take a look in the electromagnetic wave, you will see that it oscillates, so there is a point where energy is maximum and one where it is minimum. This in my point of view (having seeing the future in dreams for my self maybe 5 times with distinct and for some reason quantized distance of the event prediction and period) makes the electromagnetic waves to have another propriety or another quantized longitudinal maybe exponential increasing length over time. Always as a wave, but a wave witch have a frequency decay at least variating for now in my view as lowering frequency. As time pass this distance thus become greater, and the point this distance reach the 0 point where it is reconnected in sink with the electromagnetic waves and the previous 0 points something happens. In my case i relate this with the visions i had. But thinking with physics it agrees with the idea of expanding universe.


Tesla believed in longitudinal waves. I understand this as if free space was actually solid in nature but invisible to our dimension, so if we could instead of sending electromagnetic waves waiting for it to travel the free space in our dimension, we could actually use somehow the dimension where space is solid so if we cause a disturbance, it will immediately perceived any where in the space in the direction of the disturbance and why not assume in any direction too.

This would change everything.

Because we do now that we are transparent to neutrinos and the all earth also is. However i think that i exist and that i have a mass. Don't you exist?

We know that atoms are basically empty. So actually we are transparent to small enough particles as we are made of atoms. The important for this to happen i believe might have to do with the impossibility of the interaction of this cosmic particles with electromagnetic fields. Otherwise i would assume that this cosmic particles might be what keeps our atoms spinning.

Neutrones are believe to come from the sun. If so the all universe might be full of it.

Where come the intelligence of the life from? The ability of cells to keep alive? If overunity exists Than we may already be overunity devices alive. I believed our mind were made of electrical impulses and as this travels as waves, however the ever increasing our self universe, could have a resonant frequency where our thoughts travel as waves than they reach the end of the universe and come back to us, however as universe is ever expanding this frequency get always lower and lower. This agree with my first theory.

The first time i saw the future, it happened about 24 hours after the dream, the second, about a week, the 3° 1 year exactly..

For me was clear that things were going to happen.

In one of them i actually saw a kind of spiral that have everything that will happen and that happened. thus i created a theory that the time that have passed ( or actions we made in the past ) will still happening forever, and i associated our gigantic memory capability with a kind of weblink information of space and time. So we do not store info in our heads, only links.

Somehow sometimes under influence of some fields or substances that cause our mind to vibrate at a specific "frequency" can can lead us to read the links that haven't happened yet, or are already happening but we in our "time" haven't pass into. Situations, whatever.

Well, this is how i still see it for now.

Tesla was the first to identify neutrinos, he called them cosmic rays...

Is important to understand life a bit. To understand the errors in our society and learn how to learn to avoid them.

BEst Regards

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Re: Electric field do perform work Concept by sebosfato...
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2010, 13:12:41 pm »

Pancake coils are important due to the asymmetry of electric fields.

The inner turns have less inductance than outside coils.

If you use insulated wire, it acts as a simple coil. If bare copper will behave as a strange device.

As there are two coils bifilar, the electric field of one coil induce movements of electrons on the other coil where induction is lower.

If you make it to self support, without touching anything else than the circuit, it will behave completely different.

Vacuum would be a the perfect insulation mean.

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Re: Electric field do perform work Concept by sebosfato...
« Reply #5 on: November 06, 2010, 19:35:51 pm »
Ok, Fabio.

So how can we help in this?

So, a asymetric system will react with more power.
Like pushing against a football and the ball will react by kicking my *    ;)
That would be fun anyway.

Accoording to our current laws of physics every action has an equal reaction.
You say that this is not always the case when a certain setup is build in a asymetric way?


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Re: Electric field do perform work Concept by sebosfato...
« Reply #6 on: November 06, 2010, 22:30:14 pm »
Yes Steve,

I'm saying that this bifilar pancake in the end turn to be a kind of over unite device, if you push the voltage up. That because the electric field is distributed better between every turn. This kind of coil is believe to have 250,000 more capability of energy storing, because if your coil for example have 100 turns and you have 100volts on the coil you will have 1 volt per turn if the coil have linear inductance distribution for example a solenoid coil. However if you have this coil bifilar having 50 turns for each half you get, 50v between each turn. Now if you have a minimum dielectric value you have min losses too and you get more electrostatic induction effect.

I'm saying that the Q raise with voltage, cause whenever the voltage is higher, the higher will be the electrostatic force of the electric field between turns, leading to an acceleration of the electrons on the wire witch aids the magnetic flux varying that was dependent only on the energy you are inputing in the circuit, so this force is in phase with the voltage and a force like our great friend Stanley meyer tried revealed to us never get consumed, when physics says no conduction is allowed, only electrostatic induction.

This coil would provide a Q factor that increases with voltage applied to it. So if get it into resonance it will become a self oscillating system. By no self induction don't mean that you don't have inductance, the way the coil is show in the drawing you can actually see it.

The fact is that the coils are not subjected by other coils all around fields around them, so only outwards. And if you think of the field it will be ever increasing outward. Than you can also think that if there is a frequency of a certain nature that should be harnessed it would in this coil because the bigger you make it the widest the band of the "antenna" because there is not only one self resonant frequency. _Every turn have a different inductance capacitance configuration... wider band filter with high q

The electric field of the outer turns is bigger than on the inner coils so as its inductance, so electric field takes place and move the electrons by electrostatic induction force... Accelerating the electrons or creating a sort of super conductivity that amplify the electricity flowing on the wire.

A capacitor is needed to resonate with it at the right frequency to achieve the desired effect.

The input circuit must be coupled using flux condensers. and the output can be taken on a secondary coupled to the coil.

This circuit being driven into high voltage operation using only electrostatic forces thru the flux condensers.

I made some drawings when this ideas came into my mind, and coincidentally when i than went to research more about tesla this days i just saw the same drawing i made on teslas papers. Basically tesla showed one thing, that seems another so anyone have understood his drawings, other than stan, donald... He showed two capacitors in the both sides of the "primary" but actually those are not common capacitors they are electrolytic high voltage ones. What i called flux condensers. As they will let the electric field pass freely in one direction and not the other, acting as a diode. In my drawings actually i used diodes. When i just looked at tesla design i could see he had my same idea. This was very very cool.

I found that tesla is cancerian (zodiac) like me. He was born between 8 and 9 July and i was born 1 July.

The drawing i mention is in this link however there seems to be a virus
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Re: Electric field do perform work Concept by sebosfato...
« Reply #7 on: November 07, 2010, 15:22:22 pm »
Stanley A. Meyer   7-14RE: VIC Matrix Circuit   Memo WFC 426

High Voltage Potential of Difference (VO - Vn) (SS' - 617 -RR') is accomplished when magnetic flux lines of force (71a xx 71) (Rp) emanating away from closed-loop magnetic pulsing core (53) of Figure (190) penetrates Inductance coil-windings (52 - 56 - 62) simultaneously during each and every pulse on-time (Tla xxx T1n) as programmable pulse-train (49a xxx 49n T3 - 49a xxx 49n) is adjusted to "Tune - in" to the dielectric property of Water (Re) .... causing mutual inductance (?1) (see equations Eq 28 thru Eq 30) to transform Distributed Capacitance (Cda xxx Cdn) of Figure (7-3) of each inductance coils (52 - 56 - 62) into a coherent Voltage Potential (Yo •..• Vn) equaling the sum of Voltage Potential (Vp) developed across each Pickup Coils (VpT + Vpl + Vp2) ..• producing Dynamic Voltage Potential (600) of Figure (6-3) during repetitive pulsing (49a xxx 49n - T3 - 49a xxx 49n) ... setting up and performing pulsating Opposite Electrical Attraction Fore (SS' ~ 617 ~ RR' - T3 - SS' ~ 617 - RR') of Figure (7-4) as to Voltage
Dynamics (220) of Figure (3-29) ... triggering Hydrogen Fracturing Process (90) of Figure (5~5) as to (100) of Figure (4-8) ... instantly releasing thermal explosive energy (gtnt) (16) from Water (85) on demand, as illustrated in Taper Resonant Cavity (590) of Figure (6-2) as to (70) of Figure (4-5). The resultant Dynamic Voltage Potential of Difference (opposite electrical attraction force) (SS' - 617 •... RR') is in balance phase of equal electrical intensity (66 = 67) of opposite polarity (positive electrical voltage potential _66 equals negative electrical Voltage potential 66 since the voltage Coefficient of Inductance (FL1/FL2), Voltage Coefficient of Capacitance (Cd1/Cd2), and voltage Coefficient of Resistance (Rs1/Rs2) across choke coils (L1/L2) are the same values ... allowing, Voltage Bounce Phenomenon (700) of Figure (7-9) to be preformed.
Magnetic Field Coupling (71) of Figure (7-9) entering into and passing through Secondary Coil-winding (52) of Figure (7-8) causes and produces copper ions (643a xxx 643n) (Positive Charged atoms 542a xxx 542n having missing electrons) when moving external electromagnetic field strength (71a xxx 7In) is sufficient enough to dislodge electromagnetically charged electrons (64Ia xxx 64In) from copper atoms making up copper wire material (52). Collectively, the resultant positive electrical charged copper ions (642a xxx 642n) added together produces Positive Voltage Potential (629) being electrically applied to choke-coil (56); whereas, the "Liberated" negative electrical charged electrons (64Ia xxx 64In) added together provides Negative Voltage

Potential (631) to the opposite end of Secondary Wire (52) being electrically connected to choke coil (62). Once Secondary Coil-winding (52) is de-energized by the removal (collapsing magnetic field during pulse off-time T2 of external Magnetic Field (71), the dislodged electrons (641a xx 641n) return to positive charged copper ions (642a xx 642n) ... terminating and switching off opposite voltage potential (629 - 631) when positive electrical state of the copper atoms changes back to net electrical charge of zero. Sustaining and maintaining the resultant induced Voltage Potential (Vo - Vn) without "Electron Discharged" (inhibiting electron flow) through Choke Coil (62) while, at the same time, inhibiting (preventing) any additional or other electrons from entering into Secondary copper wire-zone (52) by way of Choke Coil (56) is herein called "Electron Bounce Phenomenon" (EbP), as illustrated in (700) of Figure (7-9).

In my opinion the effect i'm talking about meyer used directly on the chokes, when wounded non inductively being bifilar and having a center tap connected to a resonating capacitor, the other coil would present only dynamic potential developed by the voltage force developed on the resonance of the other pair.So maybe is like a non inductive dynamic voltage generator.

The "capacitance" of or between coils induces movements of the electrons on one coil, and this is the mechanism.

Thus the coil will raise the voltage of the secondary by force not by inductive coupling. They are inductively coupled as to cancel the back electromotive force. So no conduction only charging by induction thus the name of the coil (charging choke). 

Tesla instead used more the asymmetry at his time. However he used only electric field coupling to drive his circuits thus no conduction.