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Sebosfato / Coils organization
« Last post by Hidden on July 02, 2018, 12:32:07 pm »
Hello Steve thanks a lot my friend !

i worked a little yesterday and today going to try complete the coils...

it seems to me that the best way to go is to get first L3 closer to the core because it need to capture the core energy better
over it should go the primary and over the primary L2 since it will have a high current flowing for some time it better have a decent current dissipation...

as we are pulsing the L3 wont see a 5 amps for long time so it wont dissipate much however if the resistance is to big it will have a voltage drop inside the coil! for example 5 amps if it had 100 ohms resistance it would lose 500v out of 5kv  ... also it must not fuse! so maybe a too thin wire could become a problem.. we want the power to go to the water not heating up coils

the primary will have a peak of 30 amps but its not 30 amps dc is a saw and there is the off time too so average should be only 8 amps

the secondary should give 10 amps to the chokes too so its going to have a dissipation similar to the primary the 10 peak amps should apear as 2,5 average

Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on July 02, 2018, 08:21:44 am »
happy birthday, Fabio!!!!
May it bring the results you are hoping for!

your friend
Sebosfato / Today my birthday and the birthday of new world
« Last post by Hidden on July 01, 2018, 17:03:06 pm »
I´m starting the coils today

i decided that the coils will be under oil to get rid of air... and make it harder to burn the coils

going to set my winding machine up and start doing the coils... the number of turns is going to be somewhat smaller because i´m with an idea of using a bias current to saturate the core in the opposite direction and thereto this dc will also get to the cell somehow i didnt decided yet how... or i can only apply in a small section of the coil 

probably another small transformer to get this few amps to a coil going thru a choke just like they show on the document in attachment few posts earlier

Using better thr flux swing of the core with both sides allow faster discharge  and reset of the core!!! Basically less turns are required since you can use the 4 factor instead of 2 in the calculation... 

magnets can also be used for it but they need to have a spacer to have a regulation of the magnetic field ... i did experiments in the past is in my youtube channel where is show that using a magnet on a toroid interfered in the output and input levels

it was a long time ago now and at that time i didnt have the knowledge i have today..

i´m not sure if the permanent magnets are going to lose their magnetism but will work likely for a long time

General Discussion / Re: 43200 600 72
« Last post by Hidden on June 30, 2018, 09:28:19 am »
43200 / 72 =600   Puharich?
43200 = Keely?
Many real numbers have never been published....
General Discussion / 43200 600 72
« Last post by Hidden on June 30, 2018, 09:26:28 am »
Dear members,

Here a place to dump your fantasy or facts about these numbers.
The reason for me posting these are Keely, piramides, Earth dimension, Puharich, Boys.

Somehow, these numbers more or less appear...
For example. Could the size of the earth being related to its magnetic pulsing field? And what effect does that have on water?
Schumanns earth frequency is 7 or 8 hz.
Lets assume its 7.2.....
by 10 is 72
time x is 43200

Could water crack on a frequency based on 72?
Sebosfato / Arduino Analog Instruments
« Last post by Hidden on June 30, 2018, 04:20:18 am »
I need your help to develop some better arduino sketchs for high sampling rate for measuring the signals we need

i´m not a programer and i dont know yet how to work with the registers of arduino

i found a great source that explain how to build a oscilloscope with an arduino uno that may be a source of inspiration

We need to develop the following

Pulse frequency meter

Gate frequency meter

Pulse time and width meter

Gate time and width meter

Voltage input meter (simplest one assuming it were flat dc but more complicated in case is not filtered)

Current input meter

watts input meter

electron extraction amp meter

and some thermometers around to monitor the parts!

with my system of labview i already have all this but the current is not peak... i only have average because the module for isolated low voltage readings works only on average

but i would like to have some more channels oscilloscope to be able to see all that in real time right now is likely impossible so i will have to work with what i have and think that stan didnt have all this stuff we have today... but likely had the knowledge of using simple needle amp meters and voltmeters =D

Anyone ?
Sebosfato / I´m working at organizing my lab
« Last post by Hidden on June 29, 2018, 19:40:07 pm »
I found the scrs i was searching here,,, it is the 40tps12a  this is 1200v 40 amps and i will use to get the max out of the coils ..... the peak repetitive voltage is 1300 v so i will use 3 tvs in parallel with the scr to get 1200v

i´m just not sure if its going to be fast enough but from what i read in the datasheet at least 1us pulse is possible,,,

Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on June 28, 2018, 23:19:41 pm »
I tried today to buy some wire I got 1.5kg of 18 awg and 500g of the 22awg wire ... The 12 awg they didnt have so I will use 18awg and split the primary between the coils to maximize coupling

I found a very good quality core that was off price so cheap and so I could get 4 pairs and they have a pretty nice coil former from fhe same manifactor so its perfect
their model is NEE 65/33/26-7200 material IP12 i decided to get this because the EE core seems to provide a better coupling and it was an intermediari size from the other cores i already have here... is good to know everything about the core so it can be better used for design and compare with cores we dont know...

basically i got some insulation tape too and all together it went to 300 reais.. something like 75 dollars but i will pay in two months because i used the credit card..

i´m revolutionizing my space reorganizing all it was a very big mess... i´m trying to find a scr i´m sure i already have since a while... it was 1.2kv 40 amps i think is just good enough to give a try

the thing about the scrs is so important in this technology is because they are current triggered and not voltage triggered therefore they wont burn on a voltage spike easily...

Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on June 28, 2018, 15:35:45 pm »,

i have developed in the past a circuit to collapse voltages with normal high voltage tyristors

this reduce the requirement of the igbt voltage because the thyristor absorbs all the power theoretically and this makes things much easier as it can simply be put on a heat sync
of course in parallel with the thyristors i will still use the tvs but they can be set at a much higher voltage and the pulse is shorter so needs less dissipation over them ...

the higher is the thyristor voltage the better

i believe if we could use a 5 to 8kv thyristor is already good enough ..

could any of you buy one or more and send to me?

using it would become possible to switch lower voltages to the cell with higher amps by not needing to step up the voltage

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