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--- Quote from: Bubz on December 27, 2010, 18:17:03 pm ---My intention was to show that UV can be used to ionize oxygen. Ozone is a secondary reaction when the positive oxygen ion is released into ambient air full of O2.

--- End quote ---

trying to get ozone is not advisible for use in a vehicle  because its reactive with metals, but if you happen to have other ideas then go on - you can possibly use magnets to seperate the oxygen from the hydrogen where it may combine but you may need unionised oxygen (o2), as you said.

look under reactions in wikipedia,.



I think stan used % of ionization as low as 1% cause when a gas is ionized 1% it already conducts 90% of its maximum allowed theoretically.

I believe he used an electron emitter like a red hot filament and high pressure as to concentrate the ambient heat as to let it work for him helping the ionization. I believe he might have used 30 bar, cause this way the temperature get over 1000° The requirement for the ionization to be maintained.

He than used The filament probably coated with low working function metals, and a high voltage circulating circuit as to heat up the air even further.

Result when he injected this super heat air with the water he transfer the free collected and amplified heat and used it to explode the water.

I don't know if he ejected the electrons, but i guess is not much possible the way he said. Cause a big colombian force would exist...

The thing is that maybe he was creating some hydrogen during the he use to burned it too.

Like a plasma heater. He passes a current thru the plasma, by a yellow arc. The thing is that the current in a resonant tank is nothing more than the free electrons bouncing between the inductor and capacitor the grater the current the more  free electrons there are. If he short the inductor means that he impedes the electrons freed from the capacitor to come back to the capacitor. something like this if so. 
Probably this is the way he cracked water. I believe he oscillated the water and than transferred the energy of the coil to another coil impeding the electrons to go back to the water thus letting a high voltage on the capacitor that broke the water. The important is the participation of the ions of the water.

How about some visual aids?

A thought:

The links and images of the "spectra of hydrogen" show wavelengths and the movement of electrons from outer orbits to inner orbits, stan meyers diagrams show the opposite diagram for moving electrons from inner orbits to outer ones, so might that affect the choice of LED to use?

I now see that at: , it shows hydrogen emits 4 colours of light, and those wavelengths are the ones some appear to have chosen for their LED's, perhaps a look at the same thing for oxygen might shed some clues to the wavelength of led stan chose for the gas processor.


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