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Its about time to start building on Ionization projects.

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--- Quote from: johnbostick on December 20, 2008, 17:04:49 pm ---This is from the "Research Paper on Ravi’s Water Fuel cell Replication"

"Insertion of a laser into the resonance cavity
In Stanley Myers’ research papers, is the insertion of a laser into the cavity, injecting certain light frequencies into the cavity to assist in the fracturing process. This would be done by using a cell with cavity placements for high frequency light-emitting diodes in the area of 395 nm wave length. This cell would be conditioned, prepared and coils wound to suit. After the conditioning process the cell would be finally tested with light-emitting diodes."

I find this 395 nm wave lenght interesting.  That the black light used in forensics

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You know i find this interesting Because 395 Nanometers is Exactly what i use inside my fuel cell. I Have also found that it Boostes the gas output by 3 or more times. Of course As mentioned it does not work well with an un-conditioned cell.

I plan on showing this Blacklight in some of my new videos as well, its odd you found this in ravi's Pdf.. Isn't that the same pdf where they're showing/ or tried to show Stevies Alternator Setup?

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I was using a blacklight awhile back, 2 weeks, and didn't see a significant increase in production. I was using a water bath setup with submerged cells
blacklight was constant not pulsed thru it's own driver. I would be interested in your findings and possibly sharing info.


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