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Yes that is because whenever anything moves thru crossing electro or magnetic fields the result is electromagnetic energy right into the molecules... this makes the gasoline to break into smaller molecules (atomize) thus they burn more fully.

Regarding the EPG I guess its only about being able to ionize the water for generating already destabilized gases ionized so they interact really strong with the magnet therefor getting magnetized like stan said.

The secret is that the gas might have a net electric charge. I think that for the epg a plastic tube with the coils would be feasible.

Do you remember that test (explosion) =)

I think you just need to charge water to high voltage to accomplish this. The thing is that is not only the gas passing thru the tube that generate electricity. We need to 1° create a closed loop, 2° the epg might work like a transformer to amplify energy. I think he use the same principle of kapanadaze or don L smith cause they were doing something like this but simpler. They just charged the resonating coil negatively so free electrons (unbounded) extra electrons get to move thru the coils freely amplifying the magnetic flux. (because of the same principle if you pass a charged particle thru a coil it generate electricity). 

Stan electrical gas generator patent is what i'm talking about cause i'm referring to oxygen and hydrogen and not the EPG where he uses a special gas and lazer to accelerate and keep the particles ionized.   

To comment on this idea,
As science works on principals why not try this on a small scale?

Stan you have a cell hooked up to an engine already correct?
Do you have the resources/time/want to test this theory?
As you already have the setup, placing a metal (copper perhaps) tube as a section of pipe that the HHO needs to transverse through to get to your engine. Once you have a stable production/engine speed (the lower the better), apply voltage increase (in both potentials) to the tube. If the theory has benifits (voltage of a particular charge can increase the "power" output of the gas) your engine speed should increase. This would become apparent by the simple sound of the engine running. If your get to say 5kv(??) and there isn't even the slightest change then your can put the idea of HV exposure to rest. If it does work then you only need to incorporate this efficiently.

Im working on it. look up  on youtube


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Nice vids!
Thanks for them. Always motivating!


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