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Turpentine bubbler


Accoording to this patent you can slow the burnrate down when you put the brownsgas into a bubbler filled with turpetine.


It is important that the HHO bubbles be as small as possible when entering the turpentine bubbler.

I was thinking about making a filter using concrete cement.

I also thought about using a fish tank air stone, but not sure if the glue will hold up in the turpentine.

any other Ideas?

Make sure you do this outside.. I'm sure there is a higher risk of fire.

Yes, yr right, claudio,

I first was thinking on using the head of a shower...
But some SS wool would be a better choice.
I have pretty much gas and all need to get tru that bubbler.
So i think a cement stone will not do.
Its a good challange and i think its worth a very good try.



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