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Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!

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Hi all,

its very difficult to keep stans many setups seperated in our research. Many of us, only seen the alternator and tubes in stans vid.
We know that that one was NOT his hv setup.

maybe we should categorize stans setups in this forum...



--- Quote ---maybe we should categorize stans setups in this forum..
--- End quote ---

  I believe that is an excellent idea, Stevie.

  There is info spread all over ALL the Forums. Makes it hard for us less educated types, to keep a train of thought going ???


--- Quote from: HMS-776 on July 26, 2008, 23:27:59 pm --- Get it coated with a ceramic insulating material with a high dielectric

--- End quote ---
Does anyone have a good hint which thin insulating material i could use on my inner tube?

Start with saran wrap - cheap and thin.

Seems that Mr. Meyer was using the OXYGEN to run his car, not solely the Hydrogen ??

  A post by oneminde supposedly explains it on energetic forum.  ::)


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