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Hi Steve  well if you already have a cell tubes already made up and have been testing it  then give me the detals of the cell dimensions number of tubes and there dimensions  then what power soure that you have availiabe.
such as 24v, 12v   or ?  110/120ac ,  240 vac  ?
then you will need to see if you can get the capacitance of ech tude if the re is more than one.


--- Quote from: Aussepom on January 06, 2019, 04:37:46 am ---Ok Steve and all
First decide if you are going to use a tube open cell with one or more tubes
Are you going to have two tubes or tubes with a rods?

Or a plate open cell as above with plates in pairs instead of tubes

Or what is known as cell stack, this has a number of stacked plates and most time with spacers.
With these the electrolyte whatever you use flows through the whole cell stack.
It can be pumped through or use convection.

There are the formats that I know and I have tried them all
There is another is completely different a special one of my own.
It is an open cell but the electrodes are of expanded metal
One is SS and the other is coated or plated palladium is one that could be used.
Then they are connected SS the negative and the plated the positive
This is the first time that I have let on about this type to any one and it has never been on open source.
and again one circuit that can be used in many ways
The circulating currents are calculated by V/R when at resonance  DC Reistance
I will see if I can give you an example

--- End quote ---

is this file empty? from the docs you posted everything i try download seems empty... why?

ok will try again


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