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I'll probably try it. Of most free energy claims i have seen this are the most legitimate, although there are of course major flaws and unnecessarily long delays in supply with information on Steorns side. I'll definitely look into your Flynn documents.

Looks like JLN is ahead of Steorn in delivering data:

holy crap i just got my magnets. i purchased 8mm and 10mm diameter magnets. i wondered why it was so well packed with paper and more. instantly after getting the small ones out of the package they were attracted to the other magnets. the little ones got broken not a minute after unpacking, because they flew against a spoon and dropped to the floor. additionally i hurt two of my fingers, i didn't think these neodymium iron boron magnets were SO strong.  :o bought at - the strongest magnets of the world. i guess they really are.

I've broken a few of mine playing around too, they are fun.


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