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General Stan Meyer topics / Hey HACKERS what your problem!
« Last post by Hidden on Yesterday at 22:50:35 »
Someone also trying to hack my google account from united states...

dont know what they want... im just a poor guy

pieces of shit
General Stan Meyer topics / Re: фасадные панели Пермь
« Last post by Hidden on September 16, 2018, 18:01:10 pm »
General Stan Meyer topics / фасадные панели Пермь
« Last post by Hidden on September 16, 2018, 16:28:02 pm »
Наша общество — взаперти из крупнейших заводов металлической кровли, представленных на рынке в сфере производства и продажи строительных материалов, а именно: профнастила, металлочерепицы, сайдинга, доборных элементов, водосточной системы и комплектующих к ним.
Мы успешно развиваем свою деятельность сообразно производству кровельных изделий. Отличительной характеристикой нашего продукта является его ориентированность и адаптация к  Российским погодным условиям, что делает его идеальным выбором ради кровли, фасадов, ограждений и других сфер промышленного и гражданского строительства.  Отличительные особенности нашей продукции описаны в соответствующих разделах (кровельные материалы).
Перейти для сайт фасадные панели Пермь -
General Stan Meyer topics / Re: Puharich and Meyer: A comparison
« Last post by Hidden on September 12, 2018, 16:29:42 pm »
Watch the New Zealand house meeting video on youtube, Stan explains what resonant action is.
General Stan Meyer topics / Re: Puharich and Meyer: A comparison
« Last post by Hidden on September 12, 2018, 13:27:48 pm »
Why would the resonant action be the most important one btw? What am I missing?
Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on September 11, 2018, 22:51:58 pm »
i bought the generator.. its a gg2500... ferrari

paid 999 reais divided in 6 times of 166 R$

i start very easily with only one pull of the cord..

i started it some times and now i´m going to study the electrical connections it have..

it outputs 120v or 240v 62hz with no load at 3600 rpm

it seems the rpm is only controlled by the accelerator having only two positions one for start and one for run

i´m thinking that perhaps if i take the hz reading can be just enough for the circuit to calculate the rpm

since it should works at 3600 giving 60hz this mean that every second it turn 60 times..  and have 1800 injections cycles per minute..

the problem is that it would give a precision of ugly 60 hz so it may not reach stability very well

If you guys want to give me a hand for paying it or to buy the other stuff i will need like injectors, leds etc please this is
 the time..

i was thinking to use a pressure sensor to trigger the injection instead of another sensor on the rpm disk ... when it feels the vacuum open the injector for the determined time... this should simplify everything because as the motor shaft will have two turns for each injection.

there may be another disk on the motor turning a half rpm (to command the valves) but is inside the case

so i guess the pressure would be the less invasive and simpler approach...  if it work..

Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on September 11, 2018, 10:29:44 am »
for the rpm sensor i´m planing to use a disk having  at  least 30  holes

than one infra red sensor will detect the light passing thru this holes as the disk turns... so the precision will be 2 rpm

at this same disk there may be another hole and respective sensor for the injector timing...

there is also one signal that the engine may have that can be useful that is the signal for the spark plug

the spark will be happening just after the injection signal.

Sebosfato / High speed PID
« Last post by Hidden on September 09, 2018, 11:08:46 am »
the gms injector program i created is very useful as i described it as a loop that can stabilize one parameter like injector time based on other factors like the defined rpm and sensors information

what i want to point is that this is the basis for many applications...

one could use it for achieving a water heater with constant temperature water output by control of ac power

but the basis is to adjust the parameters fast enough to have an fast response, and exploit the advantage of saving the values so the thing can learn as it goes ..

so next time its on it knows how long much it takes and get a more certain shot

a pid is a proportional integral derivative controler

the idea is to combine different ways to get the stability, one using an integral and other using a derivative

a derivative tells us the rate of change of a signal (realtime)

the integral can analyse how much of change happen for a specific time

for example this can be used to regulate the temperature of a water for cooking beer

when the water is cold and you set the temperature say 60C the heater will know that there is a big difference in temperature so it will send maximum power

however the system will  calculate at the same time how much is increasing the temperature over time and with this it can determine how much time is missing to achieve the desired temperature..

for example if the system is approaching the desired temperature it will start to reduce the power applied to slowly arrive at the specific temperature and not pass above it.

real life has capacitances and inductances and time and other behaviors that will help stabilize the output..


Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on September 09, 2018, 04:38:47 am »
jokes a part still i´m in no money status.. today i went to sell some beer..

tomorrow i hope to get the generator in the morning to start studying...

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