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After all these years, i finally got some original manuals of Meyer....
I will scan these in januari and share them with you all... :)
Merry Christmas!!! HHOHHOHHOHHOHHO  ;D


Steve,you are the Great man!!!


cant remember seeing this one

jim miller:
The manuals and documents of Stanley A Meyer, when posted at Ionizationx,  will not only preserve
the written legacy of  a truly remarkable person but also serve as a standard to compare with other
copies of  his work. New scans of the photographic images will have slightly different gammas which
bring out details not visible in previous scans. For serious experimenters, archivists and photogrammetric
enthusiasts,  this is a remarkable find that Steve at ionizationx is sharing with the HHO community.

You are welcome, Jim.

I have two versions of the sales manual and there are some differences. I looked them thru paga by page..
It is strange to have them here in my hands...
Also the info brochure number 6 and the tech manual are much better to read, somehow.
I will create some pdf's of them.



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