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Stanley A Meyer Patents in German Patent Office ionizationx
« on: November 03, 2021, 02:40:04 am »
Patent Search for Stanley A Meyer (  64 listings for Stanley A Meyer)
A nice site with instruction on how to research the non-classified patents
by Stanley A Meyer  (or anyone else)

link is:  copy and paste to browser  or click it

For search mode choose Basic search

Type in Stanley Meyer  (or any other name) Just overtype with the search name                             
( Stanley Meyer is rendered as (Sutanrii Ei Meiyaa for Japanese Listings)

At the bottom of the page set 250 as results/page so you pick up everything        
checkmark   (unhide) inventor
type start search tab in bottom left

A display a list of world patents by Stanley  Meyer should appear with search terms highlighted
in yellow (Some of the patents were not on other online lists I've seen or have posted recently.
It will have other Stanleys with  other middle  initials  but this will pick up the first/ last name
transposition errors and periods after initials that sometimes creep in. .
Read the titles as a clue. If they are in German flip it to English by using the language tab
in upper right corner Google translate German or English.

You can use Stanley A Meyer  as a search term to be a little more specific.
  (  64 listings )

This list has 64 items: the 3 Austrian patents, the  index numbers for the  4 Australian patents,
 9 Canadian, 11 Japanese, 20 USA, 6 WIPO, and  19 EPO patents or listings. The table
 indicates if  a pdf  file is available for download ( zip file )
There are lot of other features including translations to German, selection of diagrams only
and first page or full article pdf for most of the patents.
One other caution... When performing  patent searches, some data bases use
"Google translate" which sometimes results in slightly different or non-identical data
 strings for patent titles

This search does not include the Chinese, Arabic or Korean databases. If you convert
a pdf file to a Word document  format ,you should be able to use "Google translate"
or other translation programs for many languages.

Because Stan Meyer's terminology  is non-standard or may not exist in some programs
for other languages, the outputs need a lot of manual corrections. Also Frank Close, the head
the Theoretical Physics Division at Rutherford Laboratories  UK has commented on the
problem of understanding what Stan Meyer is saying and the need to translate it or rephrase
it into more conventional scientific terminology

In the OCR conversions (e.g. .Omnipage(R) of the manuals and figures the results are
problematic with  many manual edits and corrections required if the original documents
are unclear or fuzzy when scanned.

enjoy   regards
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