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My circuit doesn't have a diode external to the power supply.  Period.  There is no string of blocking diodes which "slam shut".  Aaron says these are needed to get his "silent plasma burst", an effect he admits is different than what I'm using.  These diodes are not shown in my drawing, or the version of my drawing Aaron put his own name and copyright on. 

The circuit I discovered 11 years ago is a simpler approach to the challenge of getting the arc to expand past both grids, for the momentary longitudinal flow onto each grid.  My drawing, which I eventually posted in 2005, after discussing it on the Internet as early as 2002, is not a copy of Aaron's more complicated '07 experiments.  (No external diode.)  He's acting childish, saying, in essence "I didn't steal your thunder, YOU stole MY thunder".  What realy torqued me off was his statement:  "I've shown many times that three simple discharge points are all that's needed."  He never showed anything like that before I showed him the cluster electrode diagram.

When Aaron says my circuit doesn't even work, he's refering to the Phantom Diode effect which quit working years ago, after I burned out my last defibrillator diode.  (That BETTER be what he's referring to.)  That's when I started using just one capacitor, in series with the coil, as I stated when I posted my circuit to EF.  But even with two capacitors, as shown in the version of the drawing with the non essential cap placed across the arc, potentials from the capacitors would not "collide head on" in the arc.  They mearly merge and travel in step along the same wire, increasing the current.  Aaron's saying that this is how my circuit works is pure disinformation.  He lifted that phrase right out of my earlier post, but it only applies to the Phantom Diode effect, not to the drawing with his fradulent copyright.

Aaron had better be ready to prove, in Court, that I ever in my life claimed to have made black sparks.

And it's not polite to call Edward Mitchel a liar just because he posts details which do not support Aaron's stated opinion of how Stan Meyer's system works.

so aarons a member here ?

in order to respond to your screen name "electrotek"   he or his  servent has to read your above post . names are hidden normally

Yes, Aaron is a member here.  He just invaded one of my threads, like a Troll, and disrupted my discussion of the legal requirements for putting something into the Open Source Public Domain.  He apparently doesn't have enough interest in this forum to know that the Fighting Board exists, and would have been the propper place for his post, if there is such a propper place.  post #9

'qiman' is one of the various User Names Aaron uses, and is the one he posted his infringement under at

He defames my character by giving the impression that I was misbehaving on his forum.  Yet, on that forum, he stated that at least I was being polite about upholding my copyrighted art work, after he de-open sourced it by putting his own name and copyright on a previously stated variation of my drawing.

Shown in message #2006, on this page:

So now Aaron is spreading his disruption from one forum to another, demanding I spend my time defending my good name.  No wonder I haven't had time to finnish my responce to Steve's question about my Flux Capacitor experiments.

Thats a good point, Jerry.
Who is more important. Aaron or me.... ;D


We need to talk more about that adding neutrons to atomic hydrogen.
Anderson used Rf for that.
I need more info on how the proces might work......


YOU are a LOT more important than Aaron the Disrupter.  I wouldn't support his forum even if allowed to do so.

I'll think some more about the neutron process once I get past having to defend my reputation.  Unfortunately, that's taken all of my time the last few days.  I've got unanswered questions and PM's on four different forums.  What a crock.


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