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I wasn't ready to share this because it's nowhere near finished, But anyways have a look at it until I finish it.

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And the carbon element reveals itself!>

It helps, it isn't pure but its 90% the container is the size of a golf ball.

Imagine a cup full of gas taking you 1000 miles. Same post can be found http://open-source-energy.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=669 and I posted our link there as well.

This is what the technology had to offer, this is what its about! The videos arent fake they just dont show everything. Now look in the right places and face the facts, Start piecing it together and get it finished! From here you'll have to use your mind to draw the schematics, its not on paper but there are paper trails, small ones. There is a paper trail in the video as well. Anyone with a mechanical mind can take this information and put it to work. Its similar to a geet but the geet doesn't quite cut it.

A new synthetic fuel is born!

where did you extracted that? from the video where the buggy was iddling in the driveway?And what's happening if you bubble the hidrogen trough gasoline?

That was extracted from that video yes. When you do so it runs, The goal was to use water instead of petrol, the secret was closely guarded and shunted to a stand still with you know what! Stans goal was to reduce petrol consumption by over 75% using this system.

The element Hydrogen is used in rockets, we are after a synthetic fuel that contains Hydrocarbons which is what the synthetic fuel produces.

You need more than the hydrogen element, you need carbon as well and as I said in the PDF, Carbon Reactors can last for very long times, 3+ years in some cases. Stan was using petrol to produce a synthetic gas, I am unsure of the gas because I'm unsure how many carbon atoms bonds with the hydrogen when the Hydroxy gas is passed threw the Carbonated reactor. ;)

Sorry If I popped anyones bubble here, But you'll get over it and get with it. Did you miss the parts where you can add a steady flow of air to the generators to increase gas output?

The car was running off of a ("Hydrocarbon") gas, but what kind of hydrocarbon gas is the question.

To everyone; Please think before you bash, I will not post nothing else if that happens. 


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