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for those who understand technical stuff


What basically is water polarizability? Can you explain?

polarizability to me basicaly means  what conditions needs to be met to become polarized.

heres sum more useless knowledge i guess lol:
The polarizability is also frequency-dependent; we consider here the high-frequency (electronic) value and the low-frequency (static) limit.
The latter includes not only the response of the electrons to an applied field but also a vibrational contribution from the response of the
atoms in the molecule. For the mean electronic polarizability, we adopt the value 1.457(3)×10-30 m3, which Russell and Spackman [12] extracted
from refractive index data. For the vibrational contribution to the total polarizability in the low-frequency limit, we adopt the estimate of
Bishop and Cheung [13], which is 0.037×10-30 m3. The uncertainty in the vibrational contribution is probably on the order of ten percent [13].
For the mean total dipole polarizability (in the static limit), which is the sum of the electronic and vibrational effects, we therefore adopt
a value of 1.494(7)×10-30 m3.


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