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Title: Stanley A Meyer Q & A April 2022 Q & A ionizationx
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This month sandia24 proposed the used of  the irradiation of  paramagnetic transitional metal series gaseous moieties
to the outer 4 electron shells as a method for improving the electron extraction process He feels octet rule is a complicating  issue
for the argonide matrices.

librarian12 reported that due to the age of the  kitchen trial VHS tape (approximately 37 years) , post processing of the video signal
will not significantly improve the image due to weak s/n ratio, deterioration of the tape and flaking of the iron oxide
layer.,   thanks for your efforts though..... ed. jm
A sample frame from him is attached

Ref:  First HHO Cell Test in Kitchen  (Ohio Archive)  listed at end of 2022  Videography Update at ionizationx