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--- Quote from: WaytoGo on September 26, 2009, 00:02:42 am ---
Plasma ignition set for your HHO powered engine?


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Thanks, but i think i dont need such a strong spark, because my engine sparks normally pretty good. I dont see any advantages.


I have to agree with stevie. It is possible that not everytime the hho will ignite, Most of the time it does though. We understand that hotter sparks can make things a bit more efficient, But in this case, Honestly,,, Its not worth the hassle and it is not a must by any means. Racing Bugs uses hotter sparks to go really fast hehe... If you can quickly throw a device to it, and it doesn't hurt your wallet.. I guess go for it.

My father is of that same opinion, "a small spark is enough to ignite, so most products like these is often a gimmick". But maybe this can solve the drowning problem that ordinary spark plugs have sometimes with big V8 carburetor motors. A wet sparkplug don`t work so you either need to wait for hours until they dryes or have to clean them one by one, but that is with petrol...

Haven't tryed with HHO yet, but maybe plugs get wet by water when the HHO is ignited in the cylinder?.. anyway i will find out soon.For my father got awesome technical skills, and now he want to help me with run a car on HHO!!!



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