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I am starting my project,that will include a big fuel cell and all the needed parts, so feel welcome to drop in now and then for guiding me and all of us in the right direction.

I have to buy some seamless ss tubes and can choose between these :

Inner tube : ø32 x 1,5 mm
Outer tube : ø38 x 1,5 mm

OR :

Inner tube : ø25 x 1 mm
Outer tube : ø30 x 1 mm

Both tube sets will give a 1,5 mm water gap close to Stanley Meyers 1,6 mm and with the posibillity to sand them in a lathe to match  this gap size.

What should i go for? have to buy some lenghts to get a good price..

Do anyone know how thick Stanley Meyer tubes was? in millimeter?..

Best  regards :)

1/16 inch or 1.5 mm. don't go any bigger on the gap.2mm or larger is too much.

1.5 mm is what you are looking for......jsut follow the .75 inch outside with .0625 wall and .5 inside the spacing with these specifications yields .0625 inches or 1.5875mm

this is what stan used in his tube cells.

Lol Hydro ...

You really do have a funny way of writing .


I do not want to sound like granddade, but as far as I can do math, is the tubeset of Stan with the VIC as follows:
ROD of 0.5 inch outerdiameter
Tube of 0.75 inch inner diameter.
That leaves a gap of 3mm...

As far as my and Hydrocars/resonanceking, we know that with normal electrolysis, 3mm is too big.
Max gap is 1.5mm
I suggest  you go with Resonancekings advises.



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