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I have been a member of for some time now - this site I have just resently started posting on and still have lots of areas to cover.

Normally I would just add this to the projects section of the above mentioned site - however 1. the information to build this is being presented here,  2. this site seems to have more serious activity, 3. I like the idea of members only on viewing the details.

So with that being mentioned - this is the begining of my VIC project.

Below are some photos of the core and the inital molds for the windings.

I will be making a second set of molds for the resistive wire. 

This set of molds will use copper magnet wire.

I made sure you could see my "secret"  ingredient that is an alternative to plastic. (although the thermal expansion is a problem).

Next stop for the molds is the lathe.


Nah dude, just dont give yourself that trouble ...

Core needs to be for high frequency use , that core wont do ...

And you need some quality bobbin material , you want those chokes to be as identical as you can physically get em ... It might be fun to make one and calculate inductance or w/e , just a caclculation practice run but I'd make it with delrin . You can get some cheap for 10-15$ delrin rods , I'm sure you can get a bunch of material for like 20$ , everything is cheap nowadays ....

I'd say you need a lathe for such a bobbin unless you are some hardcore dude .

This VIC is a bit of effort , but its nothing impossible if you happen to have tools .

Don will hook us up with some core material , he has connections for this type of stuff ,  I'm gonna buy some with him myself .

I'd say if you have a carpenter saw you could make a nice clean cut in some delrin rods and turn that delrin rod "carefully" ...

This could replace a lathe if your careful enough and good enough .


--- Quote from: ResonanceKing on February 13, 2009, 16:24:42 pm ---Warj, There is no hope for anyone figuring this out lol... I know your Iq, Look to the isolated ground found in few of stans vic's, Not shown in a few others. It plays a very important role for gaining the Hv. Your choke core must be chosen with care, Myself mine is a 1" Black Toroid with no color. 100 of 24. Rf is also emited from the primary and can be grounded out. If you cant get hv chunk your choke core, use another. Its critical to have the right core before you'll see the voltage across the cell. 

When you hit resonance,,, The secondary coil will Feed itself, then the current to the primary will drop like a rock. Without the chokes you have 150 milliamp flow, the choke adds 100 more millamps. This circuit when tuned Resonates, Meaning during the pulse off time it does power itself and the current consumed is at minimum, 2 amps to the primary max. The circuit creates more voltage than it was normally given, and it uses this to feed itself,,,, The cell is no load, even transformers that cant produce any current but can produce hv can be used if they dont contain internal diodes.

You can think of the choke as a tuner which is grounded into the earth, During the pulse off time there is hardly a loop, fields are present.

By far have i posted everything, It gets better before it gets worse.


--- End quote ---

Dont give up Hydro , we can make this work , there is hope .

You probably saw the limit of production for a cell bro , you did it ...You are hitting the ceiling with that cell , its just that you need the gas processor now to reach the OU point and run a car with it ... You did it bro ...

Reason I'm going injector is because we dont need a gas processor .

Thanks for the tips.  I will keep them in mind.  This project is related to the core  in the New VIC Picture discussion section.
So some of the tips are more related to a different design.
So the ferromagnetic core is being overlooked at present.  I have some 1000 watt fero. Cores – but they are not even close to the size in the above discussion section.

I am sorry you guys know my IQ is low, it seems like every 6 months I get to restart all my projects.
I do have 5 boxes of junk – um not working projects.
I am sure you know my persistence in this matter, as all of us have, and my usual “that failed” build it differently approach.
I have lots to learn in the RF area, actually in many areas.

Appreciate all input



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