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Self charging battery circuit of Bob Boyce and Watkykjy1

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handy pdf with lost of info of Bob Boyce

Wrapping a toroid is no fun.
Wrapping a toroid with 16awg massive wire is hell....
My fingers hurt already of pusing and shaping the wire around the core...
No fun here....

A quick update:

I had a business trip for 9 days.
Today i got some time to continue winding the toroid.
It is not easy as the wire is very inflexible and you still want it nicely wounded arounf the toroid...
So, i am still at the seondairy....Its slow
This week again a lot of work, job related.
Next week, i hope to be able to put more time in all of this...


Keep going bro! Thanks for it!


--- Quote from: sebosfato on April 27, 2022, 07:05:52 am ---Keep going bro! Thanks for it!

--- End quote ---

Thank you
I will...till i hit the bucket. ;)


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