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Self charging battery circuit of Bob Boyce and Watkykjy1

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Hi people,

After watching some othe the videos again of Bob Boyce, i bought me a kit of the battery smacker.
Well, Bob explains finally more about his pwm , scalar waves, longitudinal waves and how he creates them and what these waves are adding to the process.
He is using this type of pulsing for his water smacker and also for his waterfuellcell.
So, i bought this battery smacker to learn how his pulses are looking.
He stated that if you change the frequency of this smacker to the 42khz, etc etc, it will charge the water, or take the water apart.

The other thing i want to see if you can charge a battery with these pulses and low power and then have a full battery.
Sort of overunity test.
Just to learn and to have some fun.


So, finally some time to wrap these magical bob boyce mini toroids....
Did i mention before that i dont like wrapping coilc or small toroids?  :)
1 down, 1 to go

And there is number 2.

1 toirod between the battery plus and one toroid between the negative pole

Progres on the casing

My fear became true.
I thoughy by sticking my scope probe in the battery smacker that i would be able to see what Bob Boyce had in mind.
That guy is smarter then we think, ill guess.
Please join in, because i need your help and tips.

Please see some videos that i made from the scope, while trying to deciver the driving signals.
 There are two blocks of signals here.
A base squarewave of 1khz, which is a basic Herzian squarewave.
The other wave, or block of waves are the non herzian waves, as Bob describes.
Bob explained in one of his videos that Non herzian waves are very short trickerd waves.
So, i tuned my scope to high frequency,s. The scope is a 60mhz scope, so i thought that would be good enough.
My gues is that the 2khz blocks contain pulses in the mhz range....
Please help me out here, if you can. Tips are also very helpfull.



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