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Hello people, I am writing to inform you about the equations for the force of the electric and magnetic fields maxwell used= these  are wrong or at least right for select situations but fail with others, this is NOT A UNIVERSAL LAW and should not be taught as such in schools.  Both the lorrentz and coulomb law are incomplete!!! This is the reason there are dozens of paradoxes which can't be solved! I can get the same EM equations without using fancy notations like maxwell, just differentiation of first order DE.

Here they produce an empirical law but it's still not simple enough!


Even in the orthodox cases the EM equations fall apart when the particle which makes the radiation is near the speed of light!!!!  Complete bollocks !! I have a strict condition that the particles are not near the speed of light in order to make accurate approximations and get the maxwell equations with my method which used the more complex equations. Maxwell used the incomplete equations and never made any mention of the speed of the radiative particles because there's no way to figure it out with incomplete equations. How do the EM equations change for speeds near c? I've no idea, never bothered with them. The only way you're ever gonna get speeds near c is with high-energy sparks!

This modified lorrentz equation is what you wanna use

F= q v' x B + B' x q' v

not the maxwell equations because they are fancy mathematical tricks to get the same results with hiding the true mechanism behind these phenomena

div E = charge density

div B = 0  the same magnetic flux that goes out goes in

curl E = change of the enclosed magnetic flux density ONLY APPLIES FOR SELECT SITUATIONS

curl B =  conductor current density + change in the enclosed electric flux field ONLY APPLIES FOR SELECT SITUATIONS

and you use these last ones with relativity transformations to get one from the other

the big problem is with using closed integrals for the enclosed fields!! there is no need to use enclosed loops, it's the biggest cause for every paradox, it's just that for the cases of enclosed loops the force is much greater in everyday applications so these equations are good as approximations and should not be used as bread and butter, just because the force is small with the equipment we use today doesn't mean we should still be using these 100 year old equations , when you use high enough energy these forces are measurable and change the results, you can never cancel a magnetic field you only cancel the force you measure!! how do you think you can get this hidden force? It's simple you just use canceling magnetic fields! How do you make this force great? Simple you use high energy sparks! Now you get the force the empirical EM laws have in them, the new force vector component is not the same as the traditional force vectors!!!

For the simple linear conductor case the hidden force can still be measured because the force components don't go out of whack , in the loop conductor the case is different the hidden force cannot be measured if the B fields don't cancel.

Paradoxes paradoxes paradoxes no one cares.

in essence there are 3 forces!! the regular lorrentz force, the hidden lorrentz force and inductive lorrentz force !!

F= q * v' x B + B' x q' * v +  q *(sqrt(a/r)) x B(sqrt(a/r) ) all different vector components

you can't get away from the lorrentz law

this is easily explained by the induction forces because the regular lorrentz force and inductive lorrentz force cancel each other out inside the receiver and the  regular lorrentz forces between the antenna and receiver give the resultant forces

if you want this to work

You can consider the hidden lorrentz force as a magnetomotive lorrentz force! It's close to zero in most cases. No free energy here, lenz law still applies!!! Believe me you want to consider the magnetic flux as real, it solves all paradoxes, the next stage is to consider it as wave components, the B field is the most basic field before you go into more crazy theories. The E field is secondary, even though these are the same fields! There's only spacetime and the zoo of elementary particles.


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