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Greg is a fraud

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You now explain me that it was just an electrolyser that you sold.
If i remember well, it had RFI etc etc systems that delivered a special type of hydrogen and oxygen.
So that was all not bringing your buyers anything new.
So again. You are just a failure with family name close to that of Stan Meyer. You just used that for commercial purposes. No open source info that showed anything new.
A watergod? No way. A water fraud that sold Faradays electrolysis system to less knowledgable people.

You sell yourself big, but i know that it is all air. And you just confirmed it again.

Yes! Now it finally works!!!!!
Thanks Greg. Good tip


All those empty claims.....
And then your well developed language usuage. Yr investors bought a cat in a bag. You are / have been a fraud.
Nothing in the world that can change that.
Does yr empty brain understand the reason why i dont remove you and yr posts from this free available nice forum?

And thats it with my patience.
My friend the WaterFraud is banned for bad language usuage.
Not such a big surprise is it?


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