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Dear all,

Here the first drawings from by reversed enginering efforts of the Horvath water fuel cell, for hydrogen with a high deuterium isotope content.



Dear friends,

I am looking for a laminated core for a transformer.
Size of the totall core is a 3/4 inch by 4.1 inches.

Does any body knows a shop where i can order such a core?


I went back to my man cave and found an old MOT transformer that i once took apart.
The top lamels  were almost the right size.
I packed some of them together and made my core!

This looks very promising.
I wrapped 1 layer paper around it and 1 layer thin tape.


Can anybody help me a bit here?

I need to figure out how many windings the primary and the secondairy have of TR2 of the Horvath schematics.
This is what i have for information:

Input primary: 300V by 22 amps
Output secondairy with a 100:1 ratio: 30kV and 220mA
Core is mild steel laminated
Frequency: 10khz

The drawing shows a 17 windings on the primary, but i dont know if these are the real windings count....

Hope someone can add some here....


You should use the old formula for turns to be able to use the magnetic swing of the core... for the primary turns you find empirically the saturation point by making some few turns and apply a voltage to it at 10khz also you need at least a secondary to watch what is happening and a current indicator on the primary side

Raise the voltage until the current start to raise not linearly at this point the secondary voltage won't look like a square because it's losing the end as saturation is reached

Than you can calculate the b max of your core and use the formula

Turns = volts applied / bmax tesla / area sq m2 / frequency / factor

This factor may be 2 or 4 for pulse and square wave respectively or 4.44 for sine wave

If you can use a audio amplifier and sine wave is also good to determine saturation point as sine will loose the top round and will get somewhat distorted in shape


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