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Example of Stan's VIC Transformer with 180* Phase Shift

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in this video I show an example and explanation of how Stan's VIC Transformer operates.

Looks good to me! Thank you!

I just made a couple of changes to the setup in this video and here are the current measurements. I added two 220 ohms 5W resistors to the primary, one resistor on each side to limit the primary current. I took a current measurement on the primary with 120VAC RMS @ 60Hz and the current was 72mA through the primary. I also took a current reading on the secondary side of the transformer before the diode and measured 128mA with 25VAC @ 60Hz. I then took a current measurement between the diode and L1 choke and it measured 105mA with 10.5VDC @ 120Hz. Also took a current measurement on between the secondary and L2 and it measured 128mA with 25VAC @ 60Hz. The transformer is a 21:1 set-down. I get a nice stream of HHO and I let it run for 20 mins and the water temp hasn't increased at all.

very nice, works just like you said. and just like stan said more that matter. My question is, have you gotten it to work with your vic setup. Does the higher frequency cause a problem?

So in this setup I take it your applying AC to the AC XMFR?   

Do you think the secondary coil is supposed to be center tapped?

Attached is a multisim replication to show the doubling effect so everyone can see what Tony has done in the video!


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