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Alright, I now have all 72 3/4 inch magnets.

Drilled and threaded all 72 holes on the bike wheel.

built 2 frames to mount coils, one is for a single pick up coil, the other is for 12 coils.

I want to test using a regular laminated transformer, by cutting open one end so I get and E shape.

so then each of the 3 legs of the E transformer is aligned with each magnet on the wheel.

Do any of you have an old laminated transformer 2 3/4 inchs ?

Just mounted all 72 magnets,

built 2 coils using 2 old laminated transformers ( a little smaller than what I wanted 1 3/4 inch.) but getting 100 watts.

I'm liking this... going to make one more coil, since I just found one more transformer.

this will make you appreciate what a 100 watt light bulb uses for energy :P

you should see if you can generate up to 746 watts, or 1 hp, that would be a neat acomplishment, then you can say you are as powerful as a horse!


I just added the 3rd coil and now it can generate about 130 watts. but need to sprint.

with the 3 coils it generates a little over 100 watts at an easy pace. Still have room for 3 more coils. maybe tomorrow I will had some, then I can pedal at a slower pace, or use different gears.

well 100 watts is not that hard to generate, but yes it does get you tired after some time.

I already connected a bridge rectifier and connected it to the charge controller.

here are some pictures.

Electro jolt becomes Electro nuclear power.....

Nice bike, man.



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