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thanks Steve,

My doctor advised that I exercise to help control my high cholesterol, but I had no motivation to do so, but now I have a reason to exercise...  like you said it is a win win situation.

I found some more old transformers, some are a little bigger than the ones I;m using now. Today I will add a few more and see how much power I can generate.

You could also add a trigger coil and fire all other coils as a monopole motor :P and use the emf spyke to charge batteries and with a switching circuit also your primairy battery, then you can sit next to it with a cold beer  ;D while it runs

But then again where is the exercise  :-X

ok, I finished this project.

I now have 5 modified transformers used as pickup coil. each transformer is magnetized by 3 magnets at a time, max power is about 20volts x 10 amps or 200 watts.

you could make a small string of light bulbs, and have it set up so they light up one, plus one, plus one, plus one, plus one and so on as you increase your power generation, then have it in front of you like a bar-meter so it motivates you to pedal faster and light up the string of lights, like a carnival game or something

or put a hv coil on it and turn that 20 volts into 2 million volts an have lighting dancing around :)

Good idea. but since the generator is connected to my 250 AH 12v battery, the voltage will not go over 12.8 volts. i did order an amp meter that i will install on the bike so i can monitor how many amps i pump. due to wire size the max amps is 10.


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