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--- Quote from: Aussepom on February 08, 2010, 14:22:41 pm ---Hi there
                well the cad design is well on its way I will be seeing the macheen  shop soon to check the the pans out to see if there is any problems.
it is complicated, it has three main rotor, two alternator and magnetic rotor stators two end unit that can be for alternator , braking.  120magnets 30 X 30 rod.

     size approximatly  550 mm dia by 350 long.   that is about all that I can tell you for the time being

   steve tried to call you on skpe the other day then I saw that it was around 5.00 am


--- End quote ---

Hi Brian,

Yeh, it was 5.00am and i was still at work..... But at the moment you called, i was not behind my laptop.
Well, talk to you soon, mr. Aussie  ;)


Hi there
              Well the machining is under control here so that I can keep an eye on it, there is still some more work to be done but it does look promising.
At this stage I can not see why it would not work, as some of the technology is already being used.  I all ways make some tests, then try and find some thing wrong with the design. Then if I am convinced myself that it has an 80% or better of working, and I would if I had the money would I build it my self.
This is my criteria, I have used it on my other stuff, and this approach has served me well.
 The  system, to produce a power output, rectify to DC to a battery bank, it will be a pulsed start, it should free run, or it may need a very small input pulsing to keep it running. There should be enough energy to drive a frequency alternator, we have one in mind.
A frequency alternator is the similar to a wind turbine generator, the voltage will rise proportionally with the speed.  Only most have limitations, like if it goes to fast, to slow.
I am hoping that I will not need to use the alternator, that the unit will have enough to power its self, if needed and to produce a big enough use full output.  This size of the diameter, I could go larger, the idea here is using leverage to get the highest torque, from what I have.
Well that will do for the moment, this system is to be put to the chap that I was helping, and told him what he had was no good.
Now to spend another $10 to 15,000 on another project may not be acceptable to him, if this is the case then I will consider putting it all in the open.
As I certainly do not have the funds.

Does this relate to the Flynn patent at all?

hi there
                       not to my knowledge, this is my own design, using gathered knowledge, this was sketched out over 5 or 6 years ago, revised again around 2  1/2 yrs ago when i was looking for alternative power option for my proceses, I when ito it but at the time the cost was way out of my pocket, so I went down the road of the plasma generation.
I have been aske to look into this for  well lets say a 'client',  his project was dead, so I am sugesting one of my own designes. it may get built I do not know this is in the negotiating stage, but the design is 90% finished.  I find that trying to go into old patents may lead you up the wrong path I like to do it my way, think for my self and I can think outside of the box.
I do look at information that is relevent, and do take interest in what is said, such as tom breaden. I think thats right.
 so in a word no.
 I did speak to John Christie from Lutec today , to find out why his process is not doing so well, I also looked into the way that he was operating his project.
 for 100watts input you would get 440watts out put.   his system is a DC motor driven rotor, with a perment mag rotor, the pulsed out put is from induced pulses into a iron cored pole pieces, laminated I would say, this output is rectified,  normal stuff after that just into a battery pack from there you drive your load throug an invertor.
well I hope that has helped you.

I hope you have great success with this design and project.

Looking forward to following the excitement.


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