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    the one that was a tech electronics, the way that it was show, and fully exlained, they saw the meters readings for them selves and another did the calculations, so there was no hidden smoke and mirrors. well yes they were a little short on words.
When you can see the cam and with out a shadow of doubt that the power can only be on for that short period and off for the rest, it was a good idea to show with out and funny electronics.

Hi just re-visited this, well you can now see some of the vids of the prototype yes all wood but for the magnets, there was two rotors to start and four coils and ten magnets five in each rotor, then there was another rotor and several tests were done well lots really.
120w electrical in, and 400W out electrical and mechanical, mechanical was 5ft/lbs torque.
Soon a new one to be fully machined and with the new super caps it is a whole new ball game. There are some look like this now as it was on Utube but I pulled it off and off photo bucket. Many were following what I was doing and so since some are  or look like mine and may have tried to copy it. They all have made many big mistakes as as they all follow like sheep so all have the same problem
Well it was nice visiting this page again.


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